Sex Education Characters Are Dating In Real Life Too!! Read About It!!

“Sex Education” is one of the most popular shows to stream on Netflix. This means that people love all the characters and are curious to know about what they are doing in real life. But you will be so happy to know that these two characters you love to watch on the show are dating one another currently. There has been a lot of rumors going on about the cast members of this amazing and exciting series. Let us have a look at what really is going on.

The show revolves around a boy namely Otis who becomes a sex therapist to everyone in high school. “Sex Education” is surely a successful hit with a tremendous amount of popularity and viewership. It is more interesting to watch Asa Butterfield, Emma Backey, and Gillian Anderson in the series as they perfectly play their roles. But it is all about the love birds of the series that are having a relationship in real life too.

Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindells

Yes, Aimee Wood plays beautifully the role of “Aimee Gibbs” in the series that happens to be dating the character “Adam”. But the surprising fact is that Connor Swindells AKA “Adam” and Aimee are dating currently in real life. Just a few days ago, the couple did announce their relationship public at the BRIT awards.

It all happens to be out with Aimee’s Instagram handle on which she did post a picture of her kissing Connor. Fans are surely having the excitement to know about where the adorable couple is going to take their relationship. The cute snap on Instagram confirms that the duo is romancing on-screen and off-screen.

The duo has been close since the last year and they have been cozier as you can see on the IG profile. Although there is no confirmation of when they actually begin dating each other, it is happy to know that they are. Fans and series lovers are showing their happiness by commenting on their snaps.

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