Alexandra Grant And Keanu Reeves Are Marrying? They Announced Their Relationship Publicly!!

The “John Wick” movie star Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant did announce about their ongoing relationship. It is surely exciting news for all the fans. Although there are several heartbreaks of women who have their crush on the handsome and charming actor. Read all about how Keany Reeves and Alexandra Grant go public on their love affair.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant make an adorable couple!!

When we are talking about Keanu Reeves, the Canadian actors who happen to have multiple talents. Even though he is a popular Hollywood star, Keanu seems to have found a way to be happily single for more than a decade. So that is the reason why all the fans, supporters, followers, and media went crazy when he did break the news. Recently, Keany Reeves reveals that he is in a relationship with his artist girlfriend Alexandra Grant. Fans are currently gossiping around if they are going to marry each other or not.

Earlier, Reeves was spotted holding hands with Alexandra at the LACMA Art + Film Gala that happened in Los Angeles on 2 November 2019. It seems that the couple is all ready to take their relationship one step further by announcing it publicly.

What did Alexandra say about their relationship?

In a recent interview, the beautiful and lovely Alexandra did answer some of the questions about her love life. When the interviewer did ask her about marrying someone special Grant did provide a positive response.

Well, Alexandra Grant has her own views about the specialty of love and relationship. She informs fans and supporters that love is deeply important to her identity at every level of life. It will be exciting to experience a serious relationship with someone special for her.

Fans will be happy to know that the proposal did take place at Reeves’ home on her birthday on New Year’s Eve. The rumors are spreading about how Reeves proposed and when the couple is going to marry. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are an addition to the adorable couples of Hollywood.

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  1. Where did Keanu announces that he was in a relationship with Grant? Keanu’s rep’s have confirmed May 8 2020 Gossip Cop and Keanu is not getting married. And that the unnamed source and insider to all these false claims for the past 5-6 months were Alexandra herself without Keanu’s knowledge up until now! Some people might call this an infatuation on Alexandra’s part. What Keanu’s rep’s are trying to say is the two million dollar marquise diamond engagement ring proposal on New Years Eve never took place!


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