Self Reliance: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

With Andy Samberg as your host, would you accept the offer to participate in a black online reality TV program for the opportunity to win one million dollars? Self Reliance, a comedy set to be released in 2024, will feature Jake Johnson doing just that, so it seems like he would.

Self Reliance is Johnson’s first feature film directing effort; he has previously made a reputation for himself in comedic roles such as in New Girl, Safety Not Guaranteed, Drinking Buddies, and as the voice of one of the many Spider-Men in the Spider-Verse universe. Johnson is also starring in the film and wrote and directed it.

Find out who will be joining Johnson in the cast of Self Reliance, when it will be playing, and where to see it.

Self Reliance Release Date

The world premiere of Self Reliance took place on March 11, 2023, at the SXSW Film Festival. The show will now premiere on Hulu on January 12, 2024, instead of September 8, 2023. Viewers without an existing Hulu membership will have to shell out cash to view the film when it airs. Bundles that include Hulu and other streaming services are also available.

Self Reliance Cast

  • Jake Johnson as Tommy Walcott

Jake Johnson plays Tommy Walcott, and he’s also the film’s director and star. Johnson elevates the film with his magnetic onscreen presence and gives it more nuance and realism.

  • Anna Kendrick as Maddy

Actress Anna Kendrick, known for her work in several critically praised films, plays Maddy. Her casting guarantees an enthralling performance and boosts the movie’s star power.

  • Andy Samberg as Himself

Andy Samberg, who is very skilled in his own right, shocks moviegoers by making an unexpected cameo in the film. The picture will forever be changed by Samberg’s comic talent.

  • Biff Wiff as James

As the role James, Biff Wiff brings his acting chops to the table. His combined efforts provide the story with nuance and complexity.

  • Emily Hampshire as Mary

Elizabeth, played by Emily Hampshire, is Mary. There will be interesting conversations and developments in the storyline thanks to her appearance in the film.

the other cast members are as follows:

  • Natalie Morales
  • Mary Holland
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Wayne Brady
  • Boban Marjanović
  • GaTa

Self Reliance Plot

In this comedic thriller, Jake Johnson plays the role of Tommy Walcott, a man who is unemployed and leads a mundane existence with his mother. He is approached by Andy Samberg in the middle of the road with an offer to compete for a chance to win $1 million on a reality game show. If he can fight off the hunters for a month, he will win.

The only time hunters would attack is when he is alone; therefore, he has to make sure his loved ones are always there to keep him company. But they still won’t accept the fact that he’s just playing a game. Fortunately, he crosses paths with another competitor, Maddy, portrayed by Anna Kendrick. Should their endeavors be unsuccessful, their respective demises are imminent.

The story follows Tommy as he comes to terms with the meaning of life as he draws nearer to death. Since our hero undergoes a metamorphosis while playing, the film’s title, Self Reliance, is apt.

Self Reliance Trailer

Jake Johnson’s first trailer as a filmmaker, Self Reliance, has him playing a very risky game. In the forthcoming comedy-thriller about individuals being pursued for entertainment, the actor known for his role as Nick Miller in New Girl is taking on dual roles. Before the struggle for survival starts, the trailer does a fantastic job of conveying the concept to viewers before it debuts on Hulu.

Following the regulations is essential for the participants if they want to be considered for the reward, but once the hunt begins, no one will be spared.

Self Reliance Review

There have been a few reviews of Self Reliance, which had its world premiere at the 2023 South by Southwest Film Festival. It has a “fresh” rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes as of January 2. Although opinions are divided on the extent to which Johnson achieves his ambitious swing, most critics appear to agree that it is an impressive effort.

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