Ryan Reynolds could star in live action

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Perhaps the video game adaptations have not had the best of luck on the big screen (here our ranking), but of course Netflix is ​​ready to try. The streaming platform continues to accumulate interesting projects, and one of them is the 'live action' adaptation of 'Dragon's Lair', the famous video game that delighted countless children in the 80s. A nostalgia bomb that could be starring one of the fashion actors in Hollywood, and who already has experience on the subject of adaptations and video games: Ryan Reynolds.

After being the voice of Pikachu in 'Detective Pikachu' and winning 'marvelitas' hearts with the two installments of 'Deadpool', Reynolds could become Dirk the Intrepid, a knight who has to rescue a princess facing a fierce dragon. A typical classic adventure story that we have no doubt will be given a twist and a good dose of humor thanks to the actor. It's possible? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the talks are open for him, along with Don Bluth (co-creator of the video game) and Gary Goldman (one of Bluth's regular collaborators) act as producers for Netflix, with a script by Dan and Kevin Hageman, writers of 'Trollhunters' and 'The LEGO Movie'.

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For those who did not play 'Dragon's Lair' in the 80s, surely they have seen it in one of the episodes of the second season of 'Stranger Things' (set precisely in this era), in which we see the protagonists playing just before Will begins to have the visions of the Mind Flayer. But without a doubt the best way to discover this famous video game will be to see this adaptation, which still awaiting official confirmation and a director to take over the project.

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