Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

“Codename Anastasia” constitutes a BL (Boys’ Desire) manhwa that has a thrilling story about love, mystery, and spying. The story revolves around Agent Lee Taekjoo, whose job is to discover “Anastasia,” the revolutionary weapon that can change everything that happens in the world. Taekjoo is additionally instructed to keep away from the risky Psikh Bognadov in the Russian setting. Bognadov is known for murdering people.

A strange partner named Zhenya is sent to assist Taekjoo. Over time, Zhenya’s real name and goals grow just as dangerous and mysterious as Psikh. In this manhwa, Taekjoo possesses to contend with both spying and a romantic interest that he didn’t expect. It shows how hard it can be to balance love, duty to country, and loyalty.

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Chapter 37 in The Great Estate Developer is about to be read. A lot of people are excited about it. People can’t wait to find the way the story ends. The popular Manhwa title is well-known. The story of the long-running show Manhwa will get even better right away as a new chapter comes out. Let’s discuss the new chapter. It makes people desire to know a few other things.

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 : release date

Fans for Codename Anastasia Manhwa, pay attention! There’s some good news over you. We knew you all can’t stand to see what comes next. Everyone is interested in what Chapter 37 has to offer. This book’s 37th chapter will be released on the 15th of February 2024. Anyone will know what happens in Chapter 35 in a few days.

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 : Trailer release

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 : Storyline

There are two jobs for Agent Kwon Taekjoo in Russia. Finding “Anastasia,” an arsenal that might alter the game, is his first goal. Second, he needs to do all that he can stay away from Russia’s crazy killer, Psikh Bognadov.

Taekjoo is given someone else, whose name has Zhenya, to help him out with the covert assignment. But Zhenya soon demonstrates he’s just as unstable and dangerous as the famous Psikh. No one is sure of who Zhenya is. Is it possible for Taekjoo to find “Anastasia”?

It’s nice and weird that Zegna’s cell phone seems to be sending updates to the main character of this mysterious story about events that aren’t clear. To get into the device, they plan to use the password that someone they don’t know gave them. This is because they want to see someone’s private life.

It’s hard for the main character to decide whether to worry or not because they don’t know what this person actually wants. The main character of the story tries to figure out exactly how dishonest they may appear while still having personal boundaries. The story deals with moral limits, interest, and accepting something as real.

They will feel more stressed as they face relationship problems or the allure of secret information.In the end, the primary protagonist wants to understand what those odd conversations are about as well as how they change things so that everything makes sense.

Along with what to do next, they keep getting asked regarding lying, loyalty, and just how hard it’s getting along with different people in a world which thinks that’s hard.

People are looking forward to Chapter 35 as they want to see how Taekjoo as well as Zhenya handle things now that they’ve had their emotional fight. A lot of people have different thoughts on what will happen in their relationship and if they are going to able to get close together or the relationship will end because of the betrayal.

People want to know what could be found out about how Anastasia was made and who arranged the whole thing. More spoiler rumors have come up because of how emotional the last chapter was. Fans can’t wait to find out what is going to occur to their favorite characters and the way the story will change.

Codename Part 34 This is Anastasia, the weapon that Taekjoo was meant to find. She looks onto what happened next after hearing the shocking discovery who Taekjoo’s partner, Zhenya, has in fact her. As the chapter goes with, Zhenya confronts Taekjoo concerning being a spy and says that he is part of a plan to kill her.

It’s too bad that Taekjoo doesn’t tell Zhenya that his real title is Lee Hyeon before he leaves. This chapter has a lot of lies and secrets, which makes people wonder what is going to occur with Taekjoo as well as Zhenya’s friendship in the future.

Where To Read Codename Anastasia Chapter Manhwa

The Anastasia Chapter’s code name This is one of the more well-known manhwas in Korea. There is no charge to read this famous manhwa on It is simple to discover this manhwa on This site lets anyone read for free. Aside from, there are other sites where you can read this chapter.

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