Riverdale star remembers Luke Perry in his new book

It is a period full of commitments and satisfaction for Lili Reinhart: After the announcement of the start of filming of the fifth season of Riverdale, the young actress does not stop, and on September 29 will be released her first book of poetry, entitled Swimming Lessons, which will allow us to learn more the girl’s personality.

The book in fact is configured as a personal story, in which the actress has had the opportunity to talk about herself, her anxieties, her fears and revealed many of her most intimate feelings. During an interview with The official, Reinhart says:

I started reading poetry to feel better, and try to get rid of the feeling of loneliness; I hope that the people who read my book will be able to feel less alone and understand that there is someone in the world who has the same feelings as they do.

In addition, regarding the relationship now concluded between Lili and colleague Cole Sprouse, the actress expressed herself as follows: “I have always kept personal matters private, so it seems strange that I publish a book about love. […] some might think, ‘we will finally know some juicy details of her love life’, but it won’t happen. But whoever reads the book will be able to discover how deeply I have loved (Cole Sprouse, ed) and how much he lost, but I won’t talk about the relationship I had.

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In the book, for which a translation into Italian is not yet planned, there will also be an exciting tribute in the form of poetry to Luke Perry, her former colleague on the set of Riverdale, who passed away on March 4, 2019, to whom Reinhart was very attached.

On Instagram, the actress has published a post (which you will find at the bottom of the news) dedicated to the launch of the book, which will take place with a digital event, whose participation is linked to the purchase of tickets, in which Reinhart will have a conversation with the poetess Lang Leav. The post reads:

The link to book tickets can be found in my bio 🌟

The book Swimming Lessons is out on September 29 in all digital bookstores, including Amazon Italy.


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