Riverdale Season 4: Archie and Betty Are In Jughead’s Bunker! Read More To Know!!

After the release of the latest episode of “Riverdale“, viewers are happy to know that Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper kissing after the musical episode. It is surprising to fans as both of them are actually in a relationship with different partners. The mixed-up relationship of four characters will surely give a surprise, excitement, and interesting episodes. Read the article to know what cozier thing Archie and Betty are up to.

“Riverdale” is an American teen drama television series that happens to be one of the most popular series on Netflix. The series did come a long way as the series creators did beautifully create 4 amazing and exciting seasons. Fans and viewers are already waiting for the arrival of next season. But it will be quite some time to wait for any updates about the next season. For now, you can watch how the Archie and Betty are forwarding their relationship in the promo of S4E18 “Lynchian”.

Season 4 Episode 18 Promo: “Lynchian”

In the last several episodes, we did see that Archie and Betty are carrying on with their secret relationship with one another. But the surprising fact is that they both are currently in a relationship with different people than one another. The center of attraction that most fans and viewers have the excitement is how they will deal with the love affair. After all, it feels like they both are cheating on with their actual partners which is the reason they should feel guilty.

Archie and Betty In Jughead’s Bunker:

Fans did notice before that something strange is steaming between the two characters. The facts that confirm it are both. Archie and Betty look in each other’s eyes for a longer time whenever they interact. They are getting more and more closer which proves that they are trying to be more than besties.

The next part of the series will reveal that Archie and Betty are alone in the Jughead’s bunker. As they are looking at each other’s eyes, it is sure that something interesting is going to happen that you will not miss. So the next episode of the series will be more exciting to watch. If you have not watched the amazing series “Riverdale” yet then all the previous seasons are available on Netflix.

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