Riverdale Updates: Season 5 Will Surprise Viewers With A Prom Scene!!

“Riverdale” is among Netflix’s interesting and exciting series that viewers and fans are waiting for with bated breath. But the latest updates on the amazing series will surely make fans happy to know about the next season. Season 5 will leave viewers with joyfulness and surprise as it will begin with a beautiful prom scene among the Love Square. Read all about it in the article!!

About “Riverdale”:

Riverdale” is an American teen drama television series that happens to be one of the most popular series to stream on Netflix. The series is surely based on the characters of Archie comics and it is beautifully crated by Rob Saidenglanz. It is interesting to watch the story that revolves around four amazing characters Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica.

After the last episode of season 4 that did release recently, viewers are curious to know about the next season. The series is a successful hit since it first did premiere back on 26 January 2017. Also, if we look at the present popularity of the series “Riverdale” then we guess it will not end sooner.

Season 5 Will Begin With A Prom Scene!!

It is somewhat surprising that the nineteenth episode of the fourth season was clearly not the last episode. Creators did expect season 4 to run for at most 22 exciting and amazing episodes. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the series does have to end it on episode 19 of season 4.

Well, season 5 will make it up for all the viewers and fans as it will begin with a totally new theme and interesting plot. As per the reports, Aguirre-Sacasa did confirm that the next season will begin with the prom scene. He also did reveal the fact that episode 19 was only just a buffer before the big suspense hits viewers. So it is sure that the next season will have lots of surprising twists and suspense. Till you watch the fifth season of “Riverdale”, you can watch all the previous seasons of the series on Netflix.

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