“Rick and Morty” Season 4 Theory About How can Evil Morty be Defeated?

As we all know that EVIL MORTY will come in season 4. Evil Morty of the multiverse is Worse than the Baddest person on earth. He emerged from the central curve of the multiverse.

We can say that Evil Morty is the Mortiest Morty. He can be a pain in Rick’s A**. Moreover, some fan theories are gone viral on the internet. But do not believe all the fan theories because sometimes they write silly things.

Rick and Morty season 4
Rick and Morty season 4

Evil Morty Aka Eyepatch Morty will be defeated for sure but who will defeat him? As we have seen the vast mythology in the previous three seasons probably we can guess it. So Evil Morty will be defeated by none other than our furious hero Morty.

That’s Right you have read it correctly. The hero that will rise to defeat Eyepatch Morty will be Morty. A Nervous Kid Who wears A yellow shirt and He is also called as “Little piece of shit” by Rick Sanchez.

Evil Morty has first appeared in Season 1’s episode “Close Encounters of the Rick Kind”. Nobody can predict the intentions and actions of Evil Morty. Because the character is unknown to all the Fans.

We also know that some maniac has targeted Rick before from across the multiverse in one of the episodes. So some fans claim that That Maniac could be the Evil Morty who is trying to kill Rick.

Some Fan Theories are based on the Last episode in which Evil Morty Appeared. As the Creator, Dan Harmon did confirm that there will be more time traveling in season 4 than you all expect. So This Evil Morty can also be Original Morty, So there is no need to defeat him.

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