Nightwing is Gone and Dick Grayson Got a Brand New Direction in DC Universe [Spoilers]

What? Nightwing is Gone? How Can This Happen? To Know What Will Happen In The DC Universe Follow The Story Below.

Some Fans Already Knew it When Nightwing took a bullet to the head. Dick Grayson’s role in the DC Universe will be getting a brand new direction with a new story.


It didn’ take a too long time to understand it because fans are intelligent enough to understand many things by themselves. Well, Dick Grayson, of course, did survive the brain injury but his characters Robin and Nightwing did not. So can this show be popular enough without Nightwing in it?

Well, Nobody has even expected the new role of Dick. Dick Grayson will embrace the role that is held by Batman’s one of the Cruelest enemy.

The story will pick up from Ric Grason Starting fresh life as a Cab Driver. Yeah, Dick is now Ric Grayson. He has no memory of her past Batman Family when he survived from the brain injury.

Dick has abandoned his family, denied his heroic heart, and wear a new costume, this all are acts of criticism. Now Batman’s Former partner and wards accept the Family Legacy that he previously refused. He will be taking the rights as New Talon, enforcer of The Court of Owls.

So Fans Won’t be able to know the whole story. They have to wait for the new edition of Batman of DC Universe. Nightwing is Gone. Now Ric Grayson A Cab Driver is Going to become a Vigilante which he avoided in the Past.

Let us see whether fans will love this New Character Story or Not?

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