Renewal of Turkish Series the Protector Season 4

Renewal of Turkish Series the Protector Season 4 

The Protector is a Famous Turkish Series, it is highly recommended in the Turkish audience. But you can watch it anywhere because the show is released worldwide on Netflix. Since the premiere day of The Protector Season 1, it is the favorite show of audience. Fact about The Protector, it is the first original Turkish Show. And it renewed for the fourth time, this is called the success in Turkish Genre.

Protector Season 4
Protector Season 4

Here, we will notify you about The Protectors Season 4. Cast Details, Production house, and release date of The Protector Season 4 will be written here. All things that you want to know about The Protector you will get here.

Story of the Protector

The Young boy, Hakan is on Mission. He is a common man and Shopkeeper of Istanbul. One day he gets a threat from unwanted people he even doesn’t know them. From that threat, his life is turning out drastically. Now, he has to Protect Istanbul from the treats. That’s how The Protector title is suitable for this series.

There is a twist in the Story it is a Death of his Adoptive father, later he finds his biological father. Now, He struggles with his protecting duties. He has to move forward with the fear of losing himself.

The cast of The Protector Season 4

Now, people are expecting the previous season’s actor in The Protector Season 4, especially, in the lead role department. Hakan is confirmed, Cagatay Ulusoy will play as Hakan. Okan Yalabik played as Faysal Erdem. Now, lead roles are confirmed. Burcin Terzioglu as Ruya, Engin Ozturk as the Levant, Hazar Erguclu as Zeynep are the Side role cast of The Protectors Season 4.

There are some more new faces are included in Season 4, but Officials have not declared that character and actors. Season 4 is directed by the Binnur Karaevli and Can Evrenol. Also, the writer is the same who writes the previous seasons, Binnur Karaevli. Till now, there is no official trailer of Comedy, Drama, Action, and Adventure-Packed Series the Protector.

Renewal of the Protector Season 4

The Protector Season 4 will be premiere on Netflix. Last Episode of The Protector Season 3 puts the eagerness in the audience mind. People hope that the release date of The Protector Season 4 won’t affect due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All three previous seasons are available on Netflix. The Protector Season 4 is likely to release in February 2021. The officials have not confirmed the release date yet.

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