Remarried Empress Chapter 162 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Remarried Empress Chapter 162 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Navier’s life is filled with more happiness, whereas Rashta’s life continues to keep getting worse.

The protagonist is finally receiving the happiness she deserves, and the villain is duly meeting her demise, which has thrilled all of the fans with the story’s recent improvements.

Navier may refute all the accusations that she is infertile now that she is pregnant. In the future, there will be updates regarding the Remarried Empress.

The maid rushes towards So Vaishu in Remarried Empress Chapter 159 to inform him of Rashta’s attempt to murder the little princess.

Rashta flung her away out of impulse because of her imagination, even though she had no intention of hurting her child.

Hearing this, Soveishu becomes enraged, and understandably so. Without delay, Soveishu’s aide rushes towards the physician.

However, the manga deftly reveals the complex web of relationships, power battles, and judicial politics that resulted in her situation.

Readers, take note! Fans may expect to see the return of Remarried Empress, the manga series starring Alpha Tart and Herelee, with its 149th chapter. It is an engrossing blend of historical fiction, fantasy, romance, and drama.

Ellie Trovi is the protagonist of the entire narrative. She is brave, perceptive, socially astute, and steadfastly committed to her husband’s objectives. We were all shocked to learn that the tale was still going on.

The calm and astute lead character of “Remarried Empress,” Navier Ellie Trovi, finds her world turned upside down when her husband requests a divorce and introduces a lover. Even in her luxurious life, Navier struggles with betrayal.

It’s hardly unexpected since the nobility dislikes Navier so much that there was a lot of politics on the latest chapter.

It makes sense, we can all agree, considering that Navier had formerly the Empress of their enemy country. How can people trust someone from another country to make wise decisions for them is the question.

The upcoming release of Remarried Empress Chapter 154 has the fans thrilled. Back for her second appearance, the main antagonist Rashta is ready to cause havoc by stabbing her opponents in the back. She is also pregnant.

Remarried Empress’s Chapter 154 is when Rashta will start enforcing her worldwide rule. After being silent for some time, she is now speaking.

Remarried Empress Chapter 162 Release Date

On December 8, 2023, Remarried Empress Chapter 162 will finally air on television, capping the much anticipated release of the film.

Remarried Empress Chapter 162 Trailer

Remarried Empress Chapter 162 Plot

Sovieshu was lost in meditation while Rashta was meeting the Duke Elegy and enjoying herself. Additionally, Sovieshu was aware that everyone would believe Baron Lant’s aristocratic pair to be a hoax.

The Blue Bohemian couple, nevertheless, appeared more genuine, strangely. It was more interesting to read about the impoverished girl from an aristocratic family who found her parents than it was about a slave whose name was changed.

A well-told narrative would have everyone in a frenzy. This incident made everyone laugh at Sovieshu. He closed his eyes, not wanting to look around since he was dizzy.

It wasn’t his fault, to put it mildly. The agenda items had to be presented to the State Council by the ministries.

Nevertheless, Ambassador Lingall remained silent regarding Rashta’s parents. Although it had been done to add drama, Baron Lant didn’t either.

He was very sorry about what he had done. Had he simply scheduled it, Ambassador Lingall may have questioned him first. The Emperor wouldn’t have felt self-conscious in front of all of them.

Rashta shows up on the scene shortly after the maid. She is still wearing her nightgown, so the guards try to pull her in and cover her, but she throws them aside and goes straight to Soveishu to inform him that the maid is lying and that she didn’t throw the infant.

Rashta is making an excessive noise, which would annoy the young princess, so Soveishu, trying to control his rage, tells her to leave.

While Rashta consents to leave, she clarifies that she was the princess’s mother and not just a menial maid.

After some time, the doctor shows up to see how the princess is doing. Because the maid is worried about the princess’s safety, she continues to hold her.

Vaishu is still perplexed since he doesn’t know if Rashta’s hatred of the maid would force her to harm her child.

Soveishu believes that had Rashta kept quiet, she could have lived a life of luxury similar to that of the last Empress, but instead she has set herself up for failure.

When the doctor informs Soveishu how the princess is unharmed, Soveishu at last lets out a breath of relief.

After asking the maid a few questions, Soveishu gives her the job of looking after the princess. The maid is quite appreciative to have this chance.

Subsequently, Soveishu considers his options regarding Rashta, realizing that a simple divorce won’t suffice as punishment.

In the meantime, Rashta uses her room as a vent for her rage, breaking everything and even attacks her father-in-law as soon as he walks in.

After some resistance, Rashta’s father-in-law stops her and informs her that her biological father is here to see her.

Rashta wants her father-in-law to suit her biological father right away because she has been acting like a fake for so long that she had even forgotten his name.

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