Rebel Moon -Part 2: The Scargiver: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about Rebel Moon: Part Two: The Scargiver ever since the trailers for both parts of the series revealed the release dates, indicating that the time between the two parts is very short.

Rather than focusing on Rebel Moon: Part One—A Child of Fire, the teaser for the forthcoming Zack Snyder Netflix duology hinted at the legendary characters and epic fights that viewers may anticipate in both films. Zack Snyder’s next science fiction film on Netflix, Rebel Moon: Part Two—The Scargiver, has already generated a lot of buzz, and the news that it will be released in 2024 rather than an unnamed sequel has further fueled the excitement.

The second installment of Zack Snyder’s grand space opera Rebel Moon will be titled The Scargiver. A peaceful colony fights against the cruel interplanetary overlords known as The Imperium in Rebel Moon, a science fiction tale set in the far future when Regent Balisarius’s unyielding iron will is put into action.

According to Snyder, Rebel Moon has dropped hints about the plot and how Part One relates to The Scargiver. However, audiences will probably have to wait until A Child of Fire before they can decipher how Rebel Moon: Part Two on Netflix concludes the story. Thankfully, the Rebel Moon video made it clear that there wouldn’t be much of a wait.

Rebel Moon -Part 2: The Scargiver Release Date

The Scargiver, the second installment of Rebel Moon, is set to be released on April 19, 2024. While the exact hour has not been announced, the typical launch time for Netflix is 12 a.m. PT, 3 a.m. ET, and 8 a.m. GMT.

Rebel Moon -Part 2: The Scargiver Cast

Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Jena Malone, Ed Skrein, Cary Elwes, Anthony Hopkins, Michiel Huisman, Djimon Hounsou, Cleopatra Coleman, Corey Stoll, Stuart Martin, Bae Doona, Alfonso Herrera, Fra Fee, Staz Nair, Ray Fisher, Savanna Gann, Kingston Foster, E. Duffy, Rhian Rees, Tomm Voss, Charlotte Maggi, Josefine Lindegaard, Sky Yang, Justin Price, Brett Robert Culbert, and many more are part of the Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver cast.

Rebel Moon -Part 2: The Scargiver Plot

The events of Rebel Moon: Part One—A Child of Fire—will be concluded in Rebel Moon: Part Two. When LucasFilm intended to create additional films like Rogue One, Zack Snyder presented the idea of making this into a Star Wars film.

After the shutters came down on those films, Snyder repurposed the property for his own unique science fiction film world. He saw parallels between the plot and Japanese samurai films such as Severn Samurai by Akira Kurosawa. George Lucas’s original Star Wars film was essentially a re-imagining of Hidden Fortress, a samurai film by Akira Kurosawa.

Balisarius seems to be a despot who seeks to subjugate a tranquil colony, and heroes like Kora are sent out to battle for the freedom and survival of the colony in Rebel Moon: Part Two; however, the plot details surrounding this character are few.

The Rebel Moon video mentions a legendary princess who would save everyone, but it seems like most of the action happens in A Child of Fire. The Scargiver picks up where Rebel Moon leaves off, rather than dividing the story into two sections. According to Rebel Moon: Part Two’s title, The Scargiver may center on Kora, who has the potential to save her people.

Rebel Moon: Why it has split into two parts?

Originally, Snyder had no intention of making two films out of Rebel Moon. At first, it was going to be one long epic that introduced and developed all of Kora’s characters and told her story over a long period. But as producer Deborah Snyder said, the streaming service wanted a shorter picture, so the filmmaker ended up giving them what they wanted—two parts instead of one.

The filmmaker suggests longer R-rated edits for those who want a “deeper, harder dive” into the universe he has built, so even if there are only two parts, Netflix will be getting four films.

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