Ray Fisher says there are plans for Cyborg in the DC cinema

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If we look at the latest statements by Ray Fisher in Warner Bros. and DC, they do not seem to have ended with him and with Victor Stone / Cyborg, a character that the actor played in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and League of Justice.

"I know there are plans in development"the actor said in reference to his character on the DCEU during a live on Twitch."How much do I know about such plans? I can not say it", sentenced making clear that they seem to be very premature ideas for now.

At the time, those responsible for this cinematic universe talked about the possibility of Cyborg teaming up with Flash in the movie The Flash, which was delayed countless times.

Cyborg had a solo movie in development for a time but ended up being canceled, in part because of the amount of technology required to constantly have the character on screen.

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The character's potential is well known thanks to the comics and his ability to be connected to any electronic device or nearby network, as well as immediate access to any existing information are elements that could give us a great action movie and superheroes.

The only sure thing in DC's future on film is Wonder Woman 1984 for August 14, The Batman for June 25, 2021, and The Suicide Squad for August 6, 2021. Beyond that there are confirmed movies like Aquaman. 2 and The Flash, among others, but without dates engraved in stone.

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