Raoul Bova talks about his depression: 'Mental malaise equals physical malaise'

Raoul Bova he never made a secret of having gone through a decidedly black period, a few years ago: during the separation with his ex-partner Chiara Giordano the actor's life was taking a decidedly bad turn, as he himself told in a interview released some time ago.

Bova opened by talking about his depression and the problems that arose, inviting anyone suffering from similar diseases not to be afraid of rely on a specialist: "My work forces me to self-analysis, but I also had sessions with a therapist to understand some passages that I was unable to solve alone. And I recommend to everyone, to those who realize they are no longer in control, to those who have excessive tears, to those who are so angry, to those it does not contain emotions, to go to a therapist who tidies things up"explained Bova.

The Piccolo Grande Amore star then went on: "I have experienced heavy moments. Mental malaise is on par with physical malaise depression should not be underestimated because it causes you to do great damage to the people around you"Finally, Bova does not forget the importance that faith has had in his healing process:"All I have I owe to him. There are moments in life when you face difficulties and you are alone before God".

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Speaking of the handsome Raoul, do you remember him as the protagonist in Alien vs Predator? Ridley Scott yes, but it seems that he doesn't exactly remember it very well.


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