PS5: a developer comments on the potential of Tempest and variable frequency

We return once again to talk about the technical characteristics of PlayStation 5 and, strangely, to be the protagonist is not the very fast SSD of the next generation Sony console. In fact, according to the latest statements by Jan Kavan of CBE Software, are to be commended 3D Audio and variable processor frequency.

The team developer responsible for games like Someday You'll Return is J.U.L.I.A. he spoke of the possibility of using a variable frequency of the processor. According to Kavan it is a very versatile feature and able to bear fruit if exploited in the right way, giving concrete examples of how Someday You'll Return has managed to significantly reduce the time of each single frame thanks to the use of variable frequency.

However, Kavan is not only interested in this aspect of the Sony console and has also said he is very intrigued by the possibilities offered by Tempest, the 3D Audio system:

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"It will be a feature capable of revolutionizing video games, even if the results will depend in part also on the equipment possessed by the players. As for me, Tempest is one of the reasons why I want to work on PlayStation 5."

In short, once again we are faced with statements that increase curiosity about the audio sector of PlayStation 5, which could be one of the strengths especially if used wisely in horror and other games that focus heavily on sound.

Did you know that today Sony has made it official that the graphic updates on PS5 will also be free for used PS4 games?


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