Project Mara: Hellblade 2 authors reveal horror for PC and Xbox Series X in video

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The rumors about Ninja Theory's other horror game beyond Hellblade 2 is confirmed in the presentation video of Project Mara, the new experiment for PC and console (suppose exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox Series X) designed to provide us with a realistic representation of mental illness.

The new dark-colored videogame of the authors of the Hellblade saga will be inspired by the research carried out by Paul Fletcher, psychiatrist and professor of Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge who aims to treat the mental disorders and mental illness.

From a strictly playful and narrative point of view, Project Mara will be set in the present day and will offer a structured gameplay experience based on the reports of patients suffering from this type of disorder with theaim to recreate the horror caused by this type of mental disorder.

The short announcement video that accompanies the official reveal of Project Mara ends with a game teaser showing one terrified girl by the presence of andisturbing creature hidden in the shadow of a claustrophobic scenario.

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The Project Mara trailer it does not offer us any further clues on the launch period of this title which, in any case, seems to be destined to land on nextgen systems after the release of Senua's Saga Hellblade 2 on Xbox Series X and, suppose, PC and Xbox One.

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