Control Z Premiere Dates and Cast of – The Upcoming Teen Drama Series!!

control z
control z

“Control Z” is an upcoming Mexican web television series that Carlos Quintanilla did beautifully create and develop. Also, viewers will be happy to know that the story plot and characters will be amazing to watch on screen. It will be an exciting watch for all the viewers but the series will prove to be fascinating for teenagers mostly. Read the article to know more details about the upcoming series “Control Z”.

About The “Control Z” Series:

The forthcoming Mexican series will revolve around the narrative of Sofia, who will reveal the identity of a hacker. Viewers will be happy to know that with such an interesting storyline, the series will surely be a successful hit. Sofia, a brave student in high school, will get the opportunity to track down a hacker who is a bad guy after all.

The hacker is releasing many students’ embarrassing secrets to the entire high school which feels like humiliation. But the socially inactive but brave Sofia will observe the hacker and reveal his identity. The series “Control Z” will be so exciting and interesting to watch for sure.

When Will It Premiere?

Fans residing in Mexico will feel proud to know that the “Control Z” series is one of the 14 Mexican series to stream on Netflix. There are several Mexican series that will be available to stream on the streaming giant. So viewers will get something new and exciting to watch every single day.

With the amazing story plot of the series, fans will surely be expecting to watch the series soon on screen. Viewers expecting to watch the series as soon as possible will be happy to know the confirmation about it. Yes, “Control Z” is all set to stream 22 May 2020 on Netflix. The series surely aims to become one of the most popular series to watch on Netflix.

Star Cast of “Control Z”:

Here is the amazing star cast of the “Control Z” series.

  • Ana Valeria Becerril
  • Patricio Galardo
  • Samantha Acuña
  • Yankel Stevan
  • Luis Curiel
  • Andrés Baidaa
  • Zion Moreeno
  • Iváan Aragón
  • Michael Ronda
  • Patricia Maqueoo


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