Jaden Smith Suffers From Serious Medical Condition That Shocks The Entire Smith Family!!

It is awful to know that Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is suffering from a serious illness. Will Smith’s family is on the verge of breaking apart as Jaden is struggling with his life at such a young age. Read all about it here.

Recently, the shocking news breaks over the internet that Jadon Smith, now only 21 years old, is enduring from Nutrient imbalance. It uncovers the fact that the Nutrient imbalance is what makes the dark circles around his eyes. The 21-year-old rapper is resembling with malnourishment of the child.

It all did start with the situation where Jaden has to be on a Veggie-lover diet. Yes, it also happens that sometimes the Veggie-lover diet can fall short to fulfill the body requires. But that is what Jaden is suffering currently while struggling with such a serious medical condition.

About Jaden’s Illness:

As per the reports, the young rapper is having a deficiency of several Vitamins. The lack of vitamins includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3. As his body does not have the essential Vitamins and Protein to function properly, he is not suffering at this stage. These deficiencies are what lead Jaden to experience such illness and its effects.


You must surely know that fish and meat are the best sources for proteins. But as Jaden Smith is Vegan, he does not eat fish or meat in his meals which causes the deficiencies. Earlier, Jaden was ignoring the effect and symptoms while later he did take the help of experts as Will Smith back him up.

Doctors and Nutritionists are doing every possible thing to get Jaden back to normal health. But it takes some time to overcome such serious medical conditions. All the fans and supporters are hoping that Jaden Smith will be healthy again and wishing him to get well soon over social media. In the end, we all need to trust and hope for better wellbeing.

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