Pokémon: Gengar’s evolutionary line is shown in a magnificent statue

Many of the Pokémon of the first generation, which appeared in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games developed by Game Freak and published in 1996 for Nintendo’s historic Game Boy, still remain in the minds of millions of fans of the franchise, and in the rankings among the first places, in addition to the ubiquitous Charizard and Pikachu, Gengar often appears.

Presented as Shadow Pokémon according to the Pokédex rumors, Gengar is a ghost-venom type monster, and the final stage in the evolutionary line of Gastly and Haunter, who helped make the setting for Lavender Town even more creepy, both in the video games and in the anime. During the years Gengar obtained both a Mega form and a Gigamax form, a sign that even the developers, and the director in charge of video games, Junichi Masuda, are in some way linked to it.

To pay homage to such an important Pokémon in the immense world born from the mind of Satoshi Tajiri, MFC Studio has decided to create the splendid figures dedicated to the entire evolutionary line of Gengar, which you can see in the post at the bottom. 26 centimeters high, the statue in question will be available later this year, and it is already possible to pre-order it at a price of 280 euro.

Recall that a thief recently climbed a building to steal Pokémon cards, and we leave you with a magnificent cosplay dedicated to Camilla that will take you back to the Sinnoh region.

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