Pokémon Exploration: Should Go be dedicated exclusively to capturing Legendaries?

The animated series Pokémon Exploration led us to meet Go, not a simple travel companion of Ash Ketchum, but a real main protagonist. After twenty-three seasons, perhaps we are preparing to say goodbye to Ash. But in order not to repeat his journey, what should Go do?

Throughout his career, Ash has always sought to become the best trainer in the world, by catching and befriending very strong Pokémon and beating the best rivals in each Pokémon Region. However, something he never did is there search for Legendaries. Precisely this could be the method to differentiate Go’s journey from that undertaken by Ash.

As we all know, however, the Legendary Pokémon are of fundamental importance for the ecosystem and for the well-being of the Pokémon world. Therefore, capturing them is an action that could lead to important consequences. Furthermore, they only join a manager’s team if they deem him worthy. Is Go ready to take this step and to be accepted?

Over the course of the animated series, the protagonists stumbled upon one Zapdos and immediately Go tried to capture him, immediately showing great attention to these special pocket monsters. The Electric-type Legendary, however, managed to free himself in flight and escape before he could be caught by a Pokéball. A first failed attempt.

During the narrative arc that has crossed the plot of the Pokémon Sword & Shield video games, and which then brought us to the Galar Region, Ash and Go find themselves in front of Eternatus. For the Galar ecosystem to function, this Legendary must eternally sleep; when he is awake, in fact, his powers flow out uncontrollably. With the help of Zacian and Zamazenta, the two manage to defeat him and Go even manages to capture him. Once registered in the Pokédex, however, theor free.

Another formidable encounter with a Legendary was the one with Suicune, who had been wounded by bandits. In an attempt to save him, Go throws a Pokéball at him and the monster lets himself be captured. After numerous ups and downs, the young coach finally decides to free him, but Suicune refuses and decides to stay by his side. However, this Legendary is the protector of the forest and moving away could endanger the surrounding nature. Precisely for this reason, with a narrative choice harshly criticized by Pokémon fans, the authors allowed Suicune to leave and re-enter at will from the sphere with which Go captured him.

Is this just the first of many Legendary Pokémon catches? Go is a pure-hearted boy and is constantly raising his skills as a coach, so just as Suicune has accepted him, other Legendaries may decide to join him. Capturing this Legendary Pokémon may have changed the anime forever. In the meantime, here’s what awaits us in the next episodes of Pokémon Explorations.

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