Pokémon: Coco, new information about the film will be revealed during the August 5 event

Pokémon: Coco may have been postponed, but apparently the producers of the franchise have no intention of letting their fans spend a summer of boredom. In fact, a few hours ago it was announced an event scheduled for Wednesday, August 5th, during which the last original film of the saga will be shown for free on YouTube.

According to what reported by Comic Natalie, the 2018 feature film Pokémon – In Each of Us will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the series at 19:00 (Japanese time) and immediately after its conclusion, will be shared new information on the highly anticipated Pokèmon: Coco. The film is expected for next winter, so we can expect an official release date or at least a new trailer.

We remind you once again that Pokémon: Coco is the 23rd film in the saga, and that the synopsis reads as follows: "A jungle very distant from the inhabited centers, known as "The Okoya Forest", is a paradise for Pokémon, conveyed by very strict laws that do not allow outsiders to enter it at will. In the forest lives a boy named Coco, raised by the legendary Pokémon Zarude. Coco, who believes she is just like Ash and Pikachu, makes her first "human friends". Following a sudden crisis that hit the Okoya Forest, however, the affection between a Pokémon and a human, between the father and the son, will be severely tested ".

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The film was slated to debut on July 10, but was postponed due to the health emergency. The ticket preoder will be available from August 6th.


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