Why Does The Belly Make Sounds?

Why Does The Belly Make Sounds?

When the air in the stomach moves because of muscles, it can make sounds. We often hear these sounds when people are hungry or their stomach is empty. The sound is loudest when we lay down flat on our back.

As time goes by and you eat more, your stomach will become full of food and gas causing the sound to be less noticeable. Our body produces this noise for several reasons that include:-

-To show that we need to eat something! This is an evolutionary reflex that was beneficial towards keeping humans healthy in times where food wasn’t always available.

We would often go hunting for food during times like winter where there’s not much vegetation but knowing when to stop eating may prove fatal since prey could be scarce (or so our ancestors thought).

-Gurgling or rumbling sounds are made while the food is being digested. These are caused by the flow of liquid and muscle contractions in your stomach after you have eaten something.

However, this noise may be abnormal if it keeps occurring even when there’s no food in your system since it could mean that you may be suffering from Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)  or Gastroparesis (GP), or food intolerance such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease among others.

Stomach making loud gurgling noises:

1. You ate an entire pizza in one sitting, or really anything you know your stomach can’t handle.

2. then spent the rest of the night pacing back and forth across your room trying to convince yourself that you could fit more in there if only you tried hard enough.

3. You are consuming mass quantities of caffeine…

4. for the sake of consuming mass quantities of caffeine.

5. You’ve finally figured out how to get your hands on some quality street urchin, and you aren’t about to waste it by letting it go to waste.

what does a noisy stomach mean:

Gurgling noises coming from your stomach are simply the result of air that was swallowed or produced by bacteria in the intestines during digestion. It’s basically just the sound of bubbles created by the gas moving through your digestive system. The noise can come from anywhere along the digestive tract, causing it to seem especially loud when it echoes through a hollow area like your belly or bowels.

How to fix a noisy stomach:

1. Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing to reduce air intake and therefore gurgling sounds later on down the line. Or you could try eating smaller portions more often throughout the day instead of throwing down 5000 calories at once, but hey- if chewing isn’t enough for you then go ahead and overfeed yourself with reckless abandon.

2. Antibiotics kill bacteria, so take an antibiotic to kill all of your little friends inside your digestive system. Be sure to finish the entire course though or you could get super sick!

3. If none of these tips work for you, try googling “gurgly stomach noises” and see what pops up first- then do that. It’s definitely the quickest way to find a cure for any ailment EVER known to man, I promise you that much.

Why does my stomach make noises when I breathe in and out:

There are two things happening here: one is that your intestines and stomach are full of gas, and the other is that there’s air moving in and out of them when you inhale and exhale. The latter isn’t related to gurgling, but rather the sound of air squeezing through a closed esophagus or intestine.

How to fix:

1. Wait until you can get home so you don’t have to breathe with your stomach exposed in public. If you must go out in public with a rumbly belly, try putting on an overcoat so nobody notices how much it’s shaking around every time you take a breath… unless they’re paying really close attention for some reason- then just double up on coats and hope for the best.

2. Get home as quickly as possible and try any of the above remedies listed under “what does a noisy stomach mean”. Or, if none of those work for you then just try having somebody punch you repeatedly in the stomach until your breathing noises stop… but don’t hold me responsible for anything that might go wrong during that process.

How to Stop Stomach Noises:

1. Don’t swallow air, chew your food longer to reduce gurgling.

2. If you are sure it’s not gas-causing the sound, stop eating so much food at once and don’t mix too many different kinds together in one meal because that could cause indigestion or stomach discomfort.

And if this is all wrong then please let me know, I could be over here erroneously telling everyone that they need to eat less food when really what they actually have is a severe case of “chronic hunger”.

3. Indigestion can also cause sounds coming from the digestive system, try relaxation activities like yoga or meditation before bedtime to calm yourself down after a day of stress-induced eating binges.

4. If it’s reflexive, then just try to relax and take deep breaths whenever you’re feeling gurgly. This should help calm down your body until the food has passed through your system.

5. You can also try eating more slowly or having less fatty foods to reduce violent stomach noises- this is if gas isn’t really the problem but rather the lack of space in there for all that food… which is a valid concern since the average stomach can only hold about 1 liter of food at a time. Some people have larger ones though- or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on their part…

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