Pokémon: A full-size Psyduck is coming in at a hefty amount

Between Pokémon the most iconic of the first generation is certainly Psyduck. The funny Water-type monster, which is also Junici Masuda's favorite pocket creature, has received a new life-size plush.

The collectible weighs about 8.8 kilos and is over half a meter tall. To grab the latest version of Psyduck you will have to be willing to invest an amount not quite contained. There is talk of 290 dollars. In case you are not interested in this particular model, and would like to save money, the Pokémon Center offers a wide range of plush toys dedicated to Psyduck, so you will undoubtedly find the one that best suits your wishes.

Psyduck's behavior, in the animated series, goes very well with his description in the Pokédex. Perhaps the most significant episode dedicated to the water Pokémon, "With Psyduck you don't pass", starring a flock of Psyduck demonstrating their extremely protective nature.

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Furthermore, let's not forget that Psyduck was one of Misty's Pokémon in the early seasons of the anime. The Acqua-like coach had accidentally caught him, and was a constant thorn in his side because of his daring and unconscious nature.

The Pokémon used to get out of the Poké Ball without Misty's order, for the purpose of fighting opponents and proving its worth. Although he never got the upper hand, the coach developed a deep affection for him.

In Pokémon Exploration episode 23, Riolu massacred hearts. Dizzying numbers for the Pokémon franchise, which has totaled revenues of 130 million euros.


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