Persona 5: high school student Ann Takamaki in a detailed Alegra Chan cosplay

Among the many characters of Persona 5, there is a lot that stands out Ann Takamaki. The blonde high schooler often disguises herself as a Panther and is one of the individuals that can be used during the video game. Its popularity has led to the creation of many Ann Takamaki cosplay as Panther by various models of all nationalities.

During the story of Persona 5, however, we also see her in action as a high school student. Shujin Academy student, she wears a white sweatshirt with zipper and blue and red details under her black academy jacket; you can see a green and red patterned skirt just above the very strong red stockings. The dress then ends with brown ankle boots and a yellow hairpin in the blond hair tied in two side pigtails.

Also this Ann Takamaki’s version received a very detailed Alegra Chan cosplay. The cosplayer had already presented in recent months a Fairy Tail themed disguise with Lucy Heartfilia, while now she shows us her skills in stepping into the role of Panther in high school attire. The photo below got over a thousand likes on Instagram, do you think it made a great Persona 5 themed cosplay?

In Italy is available the volume of the manga transposition of Persona 5 published by J-POP.

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