Oscar Ruggeri's fierce criticism of Gerard Piqué that sparked controversy in Spain

Ruggeri's criticism of Piqué

Oscar Ruggeri He has a sharp language that made him one of the most controversial commentators on Argentine television. The defending world champion with Argentina in 1986 does not save anything and generates love and hatred. His sharp definition of Gerard Piqué of the last hours it turned it into news in all the Spanish media: "It is medium hair".

The dialogue between the pigheaded and Sebastián Vignolo, the conductor of the cycle 90 minutes, was related to the poor state of the playing fields during the time that Ruggeri was a player. When the Chicken He said if he could have been playing as Piqué on "good courts", the former defender exploded: "We could have tried other things … What does Piqué have to do with it? If Piqué is medium hair too, like me, like several. Stop fucking around. What happens is that Piqué is a fachero, he is with the singer"

His teammates quickly remarked the tenor of his criticism against the central marker who won more than 35 titles throughout his career between Manchester United, Barcelona and the Spanish team –including the 2010 World Cup–, but Ruggeri insisted: “He has a barbaric wave because he is a painter, he is with Shakira, all those things that have all the added, if Piqué plays for Valencia you don't even know him"

These words did not go unnoticed in Spain and the main sports portals in that country raised their statements. "The biggest stick they ever gave Piqué?"asked the Madrid newspaper ACE, who published these words of Ruggeri as Sports world, Sport and Brand. “Piqué and Puyol are the only starting centrals in a World Cup final with Spain. And the two singles! ”Shot one of the users who commented on the news on those portals.

Ruggeri assured that Sergio Ramos is the best defender today (Photo: Reuters)
Ruggeri assured that Sergio Ramos is the best defender today (Photo: Reuters)

Beyond criticism of the man who has led the defense of the Blaugrana more than a decade, it also generated debate that the pigheaded –Ex former Real Madrid footballer– praised Sergio Ramos as a counterpart: “Piqué is like me, we are normalitos, there. Good defenders … That's it. Not up there, either. For me, the best is Sergio Ramos, by far. For me he is the best center-back of those who are in football today in the world"

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“Piqué is the best central defender in the world. Sergio Ramos is great, but he can only play for Real Madrid because of the arbitration permissiveness. In another team, it would yield 60% ”, analyzed one of the followers who most measured his words when defending or attacking the definitions of the current commentator on Fox Sports.

Ruggeri's teammates reminded him that Piqué was world champion with Spain, a situation that the man who wore the River and Boca shirts always ponders among his footballer colleagues: “Yes, but you're talking about Piqué playing all of them, what is going playing all! He leaves playing because Barcelona catches the ball. Piqué is like me and they put him up there. He plays for Barcelona, ​​he takes the ball, they don't put pressure on them. They are not going to pressure Barcelona except for the big teams. ”

Ruggeri insisted that "He is a good defender and ready" He also spoke about Piqué's business side, something that his fellow program members praised: “Do you know how worried I am? You don't know how worried I am. I say Piqué is doing all this and I am sitting here that they do not let me go out in the province, and Piqué is doing business. I can't sleep at night"

In closing the topic, they reminded him that the 33-year-old footballer also goes to training and bike matches, trying to make Ruggeri more enraged. "Here you want to get to training by bicycle and you arrive like this, in the air," he defended himself.

Gerard Piqué on board an electric bicycle


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