Ordering Food now is simple with Google Maps – No app required!

Google has recently launched an update to its multiple services. If you are a foodie, who loves ordering food online – you would not need to install the specific apps anymore.

The Google Maps, Search and Google Assistant have now been updated with the facility to order food online smoothly.

You now have the new Order Online feature on Google’s select services and the reason why it is the best options is it, because it enables you to order food even without the need of downloading the individual apps or having to visit the website.

Of course, you may not find all your favorite food delivery services as of now. Only a few services are available but given Google’s penchant for improvements and innovations – we expect more services getting added up quite soon.

Of course, you need to have an account with the food delivery service, but the interesting part is the fact that Google creates your account if you have not already done.  The functionality is much simple and easy to work with.

You can type in the restaurant or the eating place you are interested in and find the <b>Order Online option therein if the service is supported on the chosen outlet.

Choose the menu item, define pickup options and pay through Google Pay. That does it, so simple and easy!

The best feature we found interesting with the new feature is it supports a wide range of food delivery services and makes our life easy.

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