Operation True Love Chapter 73 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Operation True Love Chapter 73 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The manga’s next installment, Operation True Love Chapter 73, is imminent and eagerly awaited.

The series will premiere on August 12, 2023. Since Chapter 71’s cliffhanger left fans gasping for air, they eagerly await its release.

With the initial plot and well-developed characters, this manga offers a fresh perspective on romance.

The plot centers on Eunha, a young woman that stumbles upon a secret program designed to help people find true love.

The first episode was broadcast on September 30, 2016. On June 22, 2018, the second chapter for Operation True Love was released.

Fans of Operation True Love are thrilled to receive the seventy-third episode and are eager to learn about the details of the upcoming season.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, so here are the specifics of the seventy-third chapter for Operation True Love.

When we enter adolescence, we become enthralled by the lure of romance. Consequently, we desire a companion as quickly as feasible, as remaining “single” becomes almost a vice.

The outset of the manhwa, Operation Pure Love, is engaging, and the story itself is quite relatable.

Unfortunately, Sooae appears impervious to Dohwa’s emotions, as she goes out of her way to assist him despite the fact that she will likely be late for the art academy.

The person who has captivated someone’s heart has not been Dohwa, but rather Eunhyuk, and Dohwa is aware that Sooae dislikes him as much as he likes her, but is unaware that he also likes her.

On the other hand, Sooae has conflicting feelings toward Eunhyuk, as she desires to spend longer with him in order to be closer to him, yet her proximity also poses a threat to Eunhyuk’s safety.

Even though she urgently wants to appreciate her intimacy with Eunhyuk, Sooae cannot get Marang as well as the heart quantity issue out of her mind.

Sooae is unable to do so due to the continuous anxiety and pestering she experiences in the recesses of her mind, and as self-centered as it may be, she wishes to block that all out permanently.

Operation True Love Chapter 73 Release Date

The announcement and premiere of the initial chapter of Operation True Love occurred on September 30, 2016.

The remaining seasons will be disseminated in the years to come. On June 22, 2018, the second chapter about Operation True Love was released.

On August 11, 2023, Operation True Love returns for its seventy-third chapter. The status of its renewal is verified.

In addition, the production studio gives the show the green light. Regardless, the show’s creators expressed interest in a seventy-third episode and suggested possible plots.

Operation True Love Chapter 73 Trailer

Operation True Love Chapter 73 Plot

The protagonist of the manhwa, Park Hyung Suk, is bullied at school and struggles alongside her body image.

She desires to be accepted and loved but fears that others will not embrace her due to her physical aspect.

She then installs an enigmatic piece of software who promises to help her fall in love, and everything changes.

She installs the application out of curiosity and immediately finds herself immersed in a world in which she can alter her appearance.

The producers of Operation True Love have renewed the show for a seventh season. Due to the paucity of information with regard to seventy-third part of Operation True Love, we can only speculate about the plot.

However, we can anticipate that the upcoming season will continue up where the previous season left off.

In the preceding chapter, Dohwa, Eunhyuk, as well as Soo Ae planned their trip. When Soo Ae splattered herself with ramen broth, the situation changed dramatically.

Dohwa disregarded her requests for discomfort and administered a salted ointment instead. To the delight of the audience, a second humorous event occurred.

Eunhyuk disapproves of Minwoo’s treatment of Soo Ae in this chapter. He used coercion to convince Minwoo to confess his misconduct to Soo Ae and Yoo Raim.

Soo Ae took matters to her own hands, shocking everybody by ordering Minwoo to kowtow. Nevertheless, Minwoo submitted with reluctance.

This chapter contains unexpected occurrences. Normal was the fact that Minwoo’s misconduct disturbed Eunhyuk and depressed Soo Ae.

But it came as a surprise when Soo Ae ordered Minwoo to prostrate before her. It demonstrated her determination not to be taken casually and her capacity to defend herself within a perilous circumstance.

The plot of Operation True Love is extremely intriguing, as has been stated numerous times before.

The story’s protagonist is Su-Ae Shim. Currently, she is in secondary school. This indicates that she is a teenager.

As stated within the introduction, it’s the age at which we all begin to speculate about having a romantic existence akin to a fairytale. At this point, we desire a companion.

Su-Ae Shim encounters the identical circumstance. Because she desires a partner, she is in a committed relationship in Minu Kang.

Minu Kang and Su-Ae Shim have an unfavorable relationship. Su-Ae is compassionate, whereas Minu Kang was not. In fact, he could care less about Su-Ae Shim. He is very “indifferent” toward her.

Due to Su-Ae Shim’s inability to navigate the circumstance, Jellypop, a flip phone that can perceive and sense things, gets her savior. This flip phone gives her instructions on what to do along with what to avoid.


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