Only Friends Episode 12 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Only Friends Episode 12 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans must be quite eager for the upcoming last episode of Only Friends. Fans of BL dramas are talking a lot about Only Friends, which is already dominating the viewing chart.

Fans of this on-going BL drama are going crazy over its bizarre premise and stellar cast. Meanwhile, Nick bids Boston his last farewell.

The plot of Only Friends centers on a group of four friends who gradually become sidetracked by toxic love, desire, and deceit, blurring the boundaries of their friendship.

They frequently want to go out and hook up, but how many days can one drink too much and ignore the serious harm he is doing to himself?

Numerous events in the series to date have caused viewers to worry about the relationships between the key characters.

Top continues to yearn for Mew’s pardon while Ray and Sand have finally found each other. Boston is abandoned by his buddies, who also leave him alone.

In South Korea, viewers adore the television show Only Friends. To the delight of fans, the date for Episode 11’s general release has been disclosed. This drama is available on its platform and is a GGMTV original.

New episodes of the show have been broadcast every Saturday at 22:30 KST since it debuted on GGM TV on August 12, 2023. Twelve episodes from the first season are released once a week.

The preceding episode was accessible to viewers on Saturday, October 7. Episode 12 is eagerly anticipated by viewers as the plot develops and the characters encounter fresh difficulties.

Sand wants more out of their friendship with benefits, but Ray finds himself caught up in it. Nick, who yearns for a deeper connection, puts Boston in a comparable scenario.

Boston might also have his own Top-related secrets, which would further exacerbate the confusion. Everyone wonders if both of them can endure the upheaval in this love hexagon.

Everyone is just high on life in this world of drugs, parties, and smoking. The distinction between friendship and romance begins to blur as a group of college buddies experience this high.

The series “Only Friends Season 1” is still airing and has completely taken over the industry and the audience’s hearts with the characters.

But the chaos it has brought about has already raised interest in Only Friends Season 2.

Only Friends Episode 12 Release Date

The release of Episode 12 of the well-liked South Korean drama Only Friends, which is anticipated to include more action as well as emotional scenes, has been eagerly anticipated by fans.

Fans of the show are excited to see what will happen in the everyday lives of their favorite characters in the forthcoming episodes.

They won’t have to wait long, thank goodness, as the release date and time for Episode 12 have been made known.

Fans who want to catch the show when it airs on GMTV can mark Saturday, October 28, 2023, at 22:30 KST in their calendars.

In an effort to crack the puzzles that “Only Friends” has so far provided, fans are counting off the days until the release and eagerly exchanging their theories.

Only Friends Episode 12 Cast

  • Kanaphan Puitrakul as Sand
  • Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan as Ray
  • Jiratchapong Srisang as Top
  • Kasidet Plookphol as Mew
  • Trai Nimawat as Boston
  • Pakin Kunaanuvit as Nick
  • Bhasidi Petch Suite as Namecheap
  • Pitchaporn Kirdpan as April
  • Watchara Sukchum as Yo
  • Teeradej Vitheepanich as N/A
  • Kirati Puangmalee as Nes
  • Satta But Laedeke as Boston’s Hookup

Only Friends Episode 12 Trailer

Only Friends Episode 12 Plot

The plot, duties, or performances among the challengers in this future episode are unknown at this time.

We anticipate that the actors will continue to produce stories of the same caliber during Only Friends Season 1.

It is safe to presume that the spoiler will be the one made available to the public next week to offer viewers a glimpse of what to expect.

Fans will have to wait patiently until then and watch for any updates or images that might be made available.

In this episode, the pals Ray, Miu, and Boston are preparing for an outdoor party at the “Only Friends Hostel,” where they want to relax and have fun.

Nick’s worries about his relationship towards Boston in the interim cause tension. Nick contacts someone about spending an evening in a car with Boston in an effort to seek clarification.

with an effort to ease any worries, Boston confides with the senior management about Mew and Ray. On the other side, when they become friends, Miu makes it apparent.

By spending quality time with Bali, Ray seeks to forge a close relationship with her. As the show goes on, a crucial turning point is when Miu starts to feel ready to pursue her relationship with Top.

At the same time, Nick starts a personal quest, alters his appearance, and visits the gym, all of which hint at an upcoming change.

The episode looks at these friends’ interactions with one another as well as their personal growth.

High expectations were placed on Only Friends in the trailer when it was initially aired, and they have been met from the first episode.

Fans eagerly anticipate new episodes of this series every week, so far proving it to be well worth watching.

This season, we anticipate thoroughly examining the backstories of each of our primary characters, including Mew, Top, and Ray.

By the time it’s over, we’ll be expecting the numerous romantic triangles to be resolved and every character to have their happily ever after.

three buddies Best pals from the identical university are Mew, Ray, and Boston. They are all very different people on the inside.

Their life is exciting with clubs, drink, drugs, and parties. Up until a single acquaintance decides to arrange another one with a club dude one day.

Boston chooses to introduce New to Top despite not knowing that Top had previously expressed interest in Mew.

Mew consistently earns As in school. His entire life, all of his focus was on getting flawless grades. Boston enlists the assistance of a man he meets in a bar for a professional endeavor.

Mew made the decision to keep a distance from Top in complete opposition to the way things developed. The latter, on the other hand, makes an effort to keep Mew as a buddy.

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