Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Greetings, or maybe Konichiwa? as this article relates to the second season of the Japanese fantasy and adventure television series Drifting Dragons. The manga that served as the inspiration for the anime was created by Taku Kuwabara.

After then, it was serialised, and the 2020 anime version was released. Currently, the anime has 12 episodes. The length of each episode is 23 minutes.

The story revolves on the crew of drakers aboard the Quin Zaza airship during their search for dragons—huge, unusual creatures—whose meal and oil are sought for.

The little crew’s mishaps are entertaining, but it is clear that their work involves risk.

Polygon Studios created the action-adventure fantasy series Drifting Dragons, which received ratings of 6 on IMDb and 7 on My Anime List.

Others found Drifting Dragons to be disappointing, while others loved the whimsical appeal that comes with an anime with such stunning visuals.

One of the most well-known manga-based anime series, “Drifting Dragons,” centres its world-building on dragons.

The adventures of a troop of “drinkers,” who earn a living by hunting dragons, are followed in the anime.

Despite its shortcomings, “Drifting Dragons” is a lot of fun. It has a large cast, thrilling action sequences, and gorgeous aesthetics.

To put that another way, it’s a short-term solution for anime fans searching for entertaining fantasy television.

The following section may provide some encouraging news for those who have seen season 1 and are eagerly anticipating season 2.

One of several anime shows that Netflix launched in 2020 is Drifting Dragons, commonly known as Kuutei Dragons. The fantasy, cookery, and adventure anime is really a manga adaption.

The series’ licencing rights were purchased by Netflix on April 30, 2020, and were then featured on Netflix. After being shown on Fuji TV, the series gained popularity.

The anime is made by Polygon Pictures, much as Levius, whose second season’s details we examined.

“Dragon Corridor” was the last episode in the 12-episode run. The information about the second series of the show seems intriguing.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date

We may anticipate the launch of Drifting Dragon season 2 around the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, while neither the streaming service nor the author have made any public statements about it. We will update this area as soon as any official information about the premiere of Drifting Dragon season 2 becomes available. Keep checking Latest Series more further updates till then.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Cast

For Season 2, it is anticipated that the original cast will return. The Japanese voice cast of the show features Tomoaki Maeno as Mika, Sora Amamiya as Takita, Sma Sait as Jiro (Giraud in the English dub), Kana Hanazawa as Vanabelle, Junichi Suwabe as Gibbs, Tomokazu Seki as Crocco, Takahiro Sakurai as Niko, Ksuke Toriumi as Berko, Rie Kugimiya

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Trailer

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Plot

The story takes place in a time when dragons can fly. On the one together, they represent a menace to mankind, but on the other, they are a source of food, medicine, and oil.

In order to complete their task, follow the cruise ship driven by Quin Zaza and her companions as they capture or hunt down dragons.

The whole series is built around an engaging narrative that may bond and make you feel a connection to each character.

The manga, known as “Kuutei Dragons” in Japan, is the basis for the television show, although only a small portion of it was covered in season one because of how closely the series followed the original material.

We can predict how the season will develop. With certainty, we anticipate that the next season will wrap up to the manga’s Volume 5 tales.

In Volume 4, the crew cannot afford to pay for repairs after the ship collides against a commercial vessel because of a lack of funds.

The crew begins looking for the mysterious behemoth after reports of a “ship-swallowing dragon” start to spread in the hopes of capturing it and being financially secure as a result.

We are certain that there will be some link between the anime and the manga of Drifting Dragons because of the large number of tales accessible there. You may go back to read the manga while you waiting for the next season to start.

Dragons, lords of the skies While they seem to many to be a grave menace, they are really a vital source of food, oil, and medication.

There are also those who go dragon hunting. They fly across the air aboard airships that hunt dragons. The ‘Quin Zaza’, a single of those ships, and her crew are the subject of this narrative.

The new season’s teaser, videos, and even the plot are all fresh. To provide you with the facts and information, our sources are working hard.

However, we were unable to get anything. But while you wait for the season to return, you can certainly go back to read the manga.

One positive is that the last season didn’t end suddenly, however because the anime is a faithful translation of the manga,

Therefore, we can be confident that Volume 5 in the manga will be the source of the next season. If you’re interested, continue reading.

Dragons are the sky’s rulers. Dragons pose a serious danger to people on Earth, but they are also a source of resources, food, and medicine.

Due of this, dragon hunters use flying ships to conduct their hunts. This is the tale of the crew of one of the aforementioned ships, Quin Zaza.

In its first season, Drifting Dragon was a TV anime that depicted the crew of the Quin Zaza, a ship that soars through the air while pursuing dragons, as seen through Takita, the ship’s rookie.

The anime’s animation, while initially offensive, is saved by the attention to detail in the designs of the dragons. The characters are vivid, and you can sense the struggles they are through.

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