One Punch Man: Discover Sonic’s biggest changes during the series

The monsters he faces Saitama in One Punch Man are almost always entertaining, but none of them pose a real threat to the protagonist of the anime dominated. Even when season 2 featured the Monster Association, Saitama kept moving through the plot of his show without the need to worry.

Will the training Garou and Sonic go through be enough to put them ahead of the protagonist? In just two seasons, Sonic Speed ​​of Sound He has already grown a lot and perhaps if he continues to progress he will prove to be stronger than Saitama.

Sonic is more considerate of Saitama

When Sonic meets Saitama in One Punch Man season 2 for the first time, he insults the idea of ​​heroism. From his perspective, the Association of Heroes is failing to promote heroism in a world where there is no hope.

Sonic is considered an antihero

This pessimistic attitude is typical for an anime villain, but what doesn’t make sense is Sonic’s respect for Saitama’s heroic deeds. Since his first encounter with Saitama, Sonic has softened on the work of heroes. Perhaps in the future, the speedy ninja will join Genos and Saitama in the fight against evil.

Your culinary skills

When Sonic finally gets hold of the Monster Cells that the Monster Association is using to overwhelm the Hero Association, shows a side of himself that fans have never seen before.

Sonic cooks the Monster Cells in OPM 2

Sonic is also a fan of culinary arts. When fans first met Sonic, he was an arrogant ninja, but now he’s an arrogant ninja, a culinary genius, and so much more. Despite his worst intentions, he still turned the Monster Cells into a respectable dish and escaped what could have been his darkest moment.

Now he has friends, acquaintances and enemies

Flashy Flash is an S-Class hero who shares a number of superpowers and abilities with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic. These similarities can be explained by the similar training that Sonic and Flashy Flash underwent at the Ninja school.

Some fans have speculated that these two speedsters may be related, but until more is revealed about their shared family, fans will have to make do with the fact that they went to the same school. The solo ninja no longer operates alone, he now has acquaintances and perhaps even friends.

He’s more focused than ever

The pressure Saitama put on Sonic after defeating him has largely pushed the speedster in the right direction when considering his moral compass. The Sonic that One Punch Man fans read now is kinder, wiser, and even stronger than he was originally. Unfortunately, Saitama has also made Sonic more desperate.

This desperation may have spurred a training arc that earned the character some sympathy, but it also prompted Sonic to accept the monstrous cells offered by the Monster Association. This is a desperate move for someone who used to be so calm and confident in their own strength.

Sonic and the Monster Cells

The Truth News previously reported, that it would appear that Speed-o’-Sonic’s expert culinary skills overruled the ninja’s evil intentions with the monster cells. By cooking the cells in a gourmet dish, Sonic may have simply pulled them out of evil.

Still, there’s a chance that Sonic only altered the monster cells by cooking them. Maybe Sonic just learned to keep control of this monstrous power? If monster cells enhanced Sonic’s ability, his next fight with Saitama would surely be different in One Punch Man.

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