ONE PIECE: The last episode showed Roger’s iconic reaction to Laugh Tale

While in the manga of ONE PIECE one of the most intense battles is taking place not only in the narrative arc set in the Land of Wa, but in the entire work created by Eiichiro Oda, the anime has recently adapted one of the most intense moments of Kozuki Oden’s flashback, showing the arrival of Gol D. Roger at Laugh Tale.

Although there are several additions throughout the flashback di Kozuki Oden, especially as regards the encounter and the clash between Whitebeard and Roger himself, even the anime has finally reached the arrival of the King of the Pirates and his crew on the surface of the last island of the Grand Line, and as it has often been reported throughout history “And in the face of that ‘vast treasure’, which was actually quite true … Roger laughed.”

As you can see from the post below, shared on Twitter by @ Mugiwara_23, this particular moment has been immortalized with many videos and clips on the net. obviously the nature of the treasure was not revealed in the last episode but fans were able to see the surprising reactions of the Pirates of Roger in the face of that incredible and unique discovery, which until the publication of the ONE PIECE: Stampede film we mistakenly called Raftel.

Recall that Admiral Aokiji has obtained a magnificent collectible statue, and we leave you at the release date and the predictions of chapter 1010.

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