ONE PIECE: Aokiji rides a bicycle in the figure of JIMEI PALACE

Among the strongest characters of ONE PIECE we can remember the three admirals of the navy, among which Aokiji stands out. Although his role changed following the timeskip, his powers dwarf even the strongest members of the Fleet of Seven. Here’s how it was depicted in this new statue.

Kuzan he was met for the first time by the protagonists in the Long Ring Long Land archipelago where he was able to show us all his power by easily defeating Luffy thanks to his body of ice derived from the Frost of the Devil Frost Frost. After the events of Marineford, however, we learn of his duel with Sakazuki and its consequent abandonment of the Navy and the objectives of the man who often travels by sea aboard his bicycle remain mysterious.

The former admiral is now the protagonist of a new one figures produced by JIMEI PALACE in which he is represented right aboard his two-wheeled vehicle as he uses his skills to freeze the water below. The product with a total height of 50 cm is sold at a price of 890 euros and will be made available between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

At the bottom of the news we can see some images of the same in which we note the primary importance that has been given to the effects deriving from Aokiji’s abilities and to the temperature associated with him. The character’s coat is in fact covered with snow and several parts of the bicycle appear frozen.

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