on eBay you have them for 252 euros with this coupon

If on previous occasions you have not had time to take advantage of the offers that we have shown you to get those headphones Sony WH-1000XM4 to whom you have so much desire, here you have a new opportunity. With the coupon PQ22021 from eBay You can hunt them for 251.99 euros.

As was the case with its predecessors, we are talking about headband headphones wireless with connection Bluetooth con NFC for a fast and easy connection, circumaural, that surrounds the ear completely, and that has its strength in the sound, in a powerful bass thanks to the Sony XtraBass system.

With 40mm drivers, we have improved noise cancellation, adaptable to the environment while maintaining the processor Noise Cancelling HD QN1 dedicated to that task.

They still have the Headphones Connect app, available on both Android and iOS, to equalize them in the best way for each type of music.

In theory, we have a few 30 hours of autonomy with a single charge, which is done via USB, in about 3 hours and with the cable supplied with them. And, although they are wireless, we can also use them connected through the cable with a jack connector that comes with them. They also come with a carrying case, to take advantage of the fact that they are foldable and thus be able to carry them more comfortably.

It should also be noted that, although there are with hardly any changes to the overall appearance, the ergonomics have been slightly improved, better distributing the weights so that they better fit each user.

The best of all is that we are talking about a great price, because, as you know, these headphones officially cost 380 euros, although we can already find them in other stores from 317 euros, So, if we use the coupon PQ22021 when ordering them on eBay, we will be saving at least 65 euros. In addition, we will have free shipping and secure payment through PayPal, although, yes, it will be an import purchase, so we will not have the 2-year European guarantee, having to settle for a single year offered by the seller.

In our analysis in Engadget and on the Sony website you have all the information you need about these headphones.

Sony Wh 1000xm3 2

Official price: € 380

Price in other stores:

Prices and availability may vary after publication

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