Sanditon season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Sanditon season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We’re almost ready to go back to Sanditon, which is a beach town. The news that the show will be back soon is bittersweet, since the third season, which is coming up, will be the last one and end the popular historical drama series.

The third season of Sanditon will start on March 19 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS. The final episode promises to give viewers one last daily dosage of the “drama, laughter, as well as romance” that people have liked since the first premiere episode in 2020.

Charlotte Heywood’s (Rose Williams) as well as Georgiana Lambe’s (Crystal Clarke) love stories should come to a satisfying end in the last season.

After Sidney Parker (Theo James), who was in the first season, left at the end of the first season, Charlotte was in another love triangle in the second season of the popular show.

Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) but also Colonel Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) were her two new possible suitors. For a while, it seemed like Charlotte would choose either of them, though many fans were betting on Alexander.

But after he broke her heart, Colbourne’s chances with damsel were very low. Charlotte surprised everyone by telling Alison and Fraser’s wedding guests that she was going to get married to a different man, Ralph. This set up the third season for more family drama and a more complicated love triangle.

PBS has given fans only a short 34-second teaser video and a few images to get them excited about the upcoming season.

We’re dying to know who ends up with who, but we’re almost content with the hope that the show will give a good ending to Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, which the series is based on.

In the teaser, we hear Charlotte say, “We can’t choose whether we become attached with.” This shows that she wants love to win over society’s expectations.

Alex appears to be having trouble getting over her. He worries about helen new fiance and tells his brother Samuel about it. Samuel seems determined to assist his brother win Charlotte’s heart back, telling Alex, “She is indeed not married yet” when Alex says, “She is going to be married.”

Sanditon season 3 Release Date

The acclaimed drama that takes viewers to the sunny seafront of Regency England is shown for the first time on PBS’s Masterpiece on March 19, 2023, at 9 p.m. and 8 c.

The series will also be streamable on, PBS Passport, and the MASTERPIECE PBS Prime Video Channel. The series will be shown on ITV1 in the UK, but a date has not yet been set.

Sanditon season 3 Cast

  • Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood
  • Kate Ashfield as Mary Parker
  • Theo James as Sidney Parker
  • Maxim Ays as Captain William Carter
  • Frank Blake as Captain Declan Fraser
  • Rosie Graham as Alison Heywood
  • Crystal Clarke as Georgiana Lambe
  • Turlough Convery as Arthur Parker
  • Jack Fox as Sir Edward Denham
  • Kris Marshall as Tom Parker
  • Anne Reid as Lady Denham
  • Lily Sacofsky as Clara Brereton
  • Charlotte Spencer as Esther
  • Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne
  • Alexander Vlahos as Charles Lockhart
  • Tom Weston-Jones as Colonel Francis Lennox

Sanditon season 3 Trailer

Sanditon season 3 Plot

Well, as we’ve already said, Charlotte has consented to marry Ralph, but we’re not sure he’s her true love.

Charlotte seems to have settled down with Ralph after having a hard time to Alexander Colbourne, who did lead her on a wild goose chase in the second season.

Even though the main picture shows them looking at each other closely on a beach, we don’t think Charlotte will end up with Ralph. Colbourne is still around, and maybe the two will be able to work out their problems and fall in love.

Lady Montrose (Emma Fielding, Van der Valk), a typical Austen mother who comes to Sanditon to find matches for her children Lydia and Henry, is one of the newcomers who will change things in the coastal town.

Lydia (Alice Orr-Ewing, A Very English Scandal) is indeed a young woman who is independent and doesn’t want to get married as much as her mother does. Lord Henry Montrose (Edward Davis, Emma) is charming and sure of himself, but he has a secret.

Rowleigh Pryce, played by James Bolam (New Tricks), is a rich, grumpy investor who wants to work with Tom Parker to expand the beach resort. When Rowleigh starts running into the powerful Lady Denham, their plans get messed up.

No one has said anything official about the season 3 of Sanditon. In Season 3, Charlotte and Colbourne’s relationship will be looked at in more depth, with a focus on their friendship during Season 2 as well as their kiss at the end of the show. There’s really, of course, a catch: Charlotte is already involved to some other man.

Justin Young, who is in charge of the Sanditon show, said, “At the start of season 3, we find out that Charlotte is engaged to Ralph.”

“We know for sure that Colbourne loves her and that she also loves him. But she is now going to marry Ralph. How will everything turn out?”

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