Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The upcoming release of Obsidian Bride Chapter 16 has the fans thrilled. As was said in the last chapter, “Obsidian Bride” is set during the tense days leading up to a significant occasion.

Many individuals are anxious about meeting Platinum because it’s commonly known that she has a great rapport with ladies.

The protagonist had been afraid of freezing during the interaction due to a past embarrassing occurrence.

There is worry about what might occur if the celebration planner calls out a magical globe to fend off any possible disturbances, despite Moon Owl’s best efforts.

Despite Moon Owl’s precautions, there is still uncertainty when the group gathers inside the magic sphere; the protagonist, feeling uneasy, decides not to sleep.

As was shown in the last chapter, “Obsidian Bride” takes place in the stressful moments leading up to a significant event.

An impending encounter in Platinum, who is rumored to have a wealth of expertise with women, is cause for concern.

The protagonist is afraid of freezing throughout the interaction because of a humiliating past experience.

Despite Moon Owl’s best efforts, there are concerns about what might occur if the event planner summons a magical sphere to ward off any potential disturbances.

As the participants assemble inside the magic sphere, concerns persist despite Moon Owl’s precautions, and the protagonist, feeling uneasy, chooses not to sleep. Consequently, the relationships and emotions of the characters are examined in more detail.

Platinum can discuss exploring physical feelings because of the setting. When the protagonist hesitates, her fears of not being understood and acknowledged come through.

As the talk continues, it becomes evident that sincere relationships cut through outward appearances.

Release Date for Obsidian Bride Chapter 16: Obsidian Bride, also known as Bride of Obsidian, is a popular Korean manga series with a large fan base.

The stunning visuals of the manhwa are the work of Team Quartz. The readers focused especially on the characters while the plot, while the team used rich artwork.

The plot of The Obsidian Bride centers on a terrible marriage that forces the main female character to commit suicide.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 Release Date

The long wait for Obsidian Bride’s upcoming chapter will soon come to an end as Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 debuts on screens. Yes, it is correct! This next Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, The Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 will be available.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 Trailer

Obsidian Bride Chapter 21 Plot

When Alexandrite brought up lying, Platinum’s first concern was whether or not they might deceive others by posing as someone else to get away with it.

When Platinum asked Lueri if she had been pretending to be Marianne so they could take use of her culinary expertise, Lueri was shocked. It had been Lueri posing as Marianne.

Pearl calmed Platinum’s fears by telling her that if they approached the person they were targeting based more on their shared interests than on their genuine sentiments of love for them, they would not be able and get away with lying.

Platinum asserts that the more people uncover the game’s mysteries, the more eager other players will be to learn them and the more enjoyable the experience will be for all.

When the Obsidian heard Platinum conversing with Platinum, she had the unmistakable impression that Platinum was attracted to her. Platinum told her he was completely consumed with trying to learn more about her.

In “Obsidian Bride,” Chapter 15, right before a big event Most of the characters are feeling nervous right now because Platinum is known for having a ton of experience with ladies.

But the character is nervous and fears that being near Platinum would make him cold, just like it did at a prior assembly. The lights are turned down by the characters on film, creating the atmosphere of an odd evening.

“Obsidian Bride” Chapter 15 takes place just before a significant occasion. Because Platinum is well-known for having plenty of experience with women, the main character is currently suffering from anxiety.

However, the character is tense and worries that, like in a previous assembly, he will get cold in Platinum’s proximity.

Moon Owl, the event facilitator, worries about possible meddling but calls forth an enchanted circle to keep wolves at bay.

Since they are being held inside the charmed circle for security, the main character still doesn’t understand Moon Owl’s precautionary measures, and she wonders whether Platinum is trying to avoid close encounters.

Doubt arises since the majority of characters refuse to sleep in spite of assurances. In this instance, Platinum brings back the topic of their earlier conversation about physically evaluating their feelings.

The majority of characters exhibit tardiness and express worry about not receiving enough recognition and comprehension.

Platinum takes advantage of the chance to delve deeper into their relationships and emotions.

The premise that genuine friendships last beyond fleeting emotions is explored in this moving conversation. Platinum shows a startling amount of enthusiasm for the lead character.

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