Obsidian Bride Chapter 17 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Obsidian Bride Chapter 17 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Pearl was startled by Platinum’s concern about the flavor. Platinum recalled the strange delicacies they ate beginning at the first supper of the jewelry box’s first season.

Garet did not recall the peculiar cuisine. Platinum reminded them that the broth had been scorched and turned black due to the excessive use of butter, and that the meat was still undercooked.

Garnet realized that the initial jewelry box was twenty years old, so he was quite astonished when Platinum recalled an event that occurred twenty years ago.

Platinum believed that the dish would not taste excellent, but it tasted significantly better than expected.

Pearl shrugged it off and remarked that they were both quite elderly since they remember a 20-year-old television program.

Alexandrite informed them that the program was frequently repeated, and Platinum informed Lady Pearl that mature males were calmer.

Alex will select the woman he will go on a date with in Chapter 10 of Obsidian Bride, after he defeats Platinum or Garnet in the duel.

Alex and Platinum banded together to take on Garnet, a formidable opponent against whom neither could stand alone.

Garnet tumbles off the podium and loses, whilst Platinum and Alex prepare for a genuine battle.

Even though Platinum appears to be a skilled swordsman alongside experience, something about his body and respiration makes him appear weakened, as Garnet remarks.

None of the participants in the Jewel Box are cognizant of each other’s true identities or appearances in the real world.

Consequently, Platinum’s ailment or any additional physical frailty is unknown to everyone else.

From everything we can tell, Platinum appears to suffer from a chronic ailment, and his battlefield endurance is quite low.

This is also the reason why Platinum succumbed to Alex in the first instance, despite having greater expertise.

Nevertheless, Alex emerges as the winner, and according to the regulations, he will select the two women he will date.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 17 Release Date

Obsidian Bride Chapter 17 will shortly be released, putting an end to the anxious anticipation for the next chapter. That’s correct! This week, Chapter 16 of The Obsidian Bride will be released on November 2, 2023 at 12 a.m. JST.

Then why are you still waiting? Mark your calendars and set your alarms, because this upcoming chapter of Obsidian Bride will undoubtedly bring new drama and excitement to the story!

Obsidian Bride Chapter 17 Trailer

Obsidian Bride Chapter 17 Plot

The Emperor explains his perspective on how Pearl, Garnet, along with the Empress communicate.

Because he perceives a strong bond between Pearl and Garnet, he can’t help but ponder if they will begin courting.

The Emperor is aware of how they are a compatible coupling and is ecstatic about Garnet’s martial arts abilities because he believes they are the reason Pearl prefers him.

When considering how the love narrative is developing, the Emperor is intrigued by this unexpected turn of events.

Pearl and Garnet are rumored that they’re growing closer, and Garnet has added fuel to the fire by asserting that they are both adept at equestrian riding and polo.

In the preceding chapter of Obsidian Bride, the head of administration informs the jewels of a new event in which male jewels will compete in a combat for the chance to go on a date alongside two female jewels.

Obsidian has had romantic relationships with Alexandrite and Platinum, and her sentiments are in conflict.

Platinum propels himself at Garnet, but Garnet is unfazed and even remarks that the assault is quite light.

Alex and Platinum, along with Garnet, are going to compete in a duel, and it is unsettling that one of them could prevail and ask Obsidian out on a date. Obsidian has not yet determined her sentiments or desires.

Garnet, Platinum, and Alex mount the podium and engage in combat with one another. Garnet is quite assured in his abilities, and the women observing the duel find this quite intriguing.

Platinum finds oneself retreating, and Alex evaluates the situation with great caution. He concludes that the either Garnet is significantly more powerful than Platinum, or Platinum was weaker than he anticipated.

Alex attacks Platinum to determine his strength, and Platinum wonders if he is attempting to attack the inferior individual.

Platinum is offended, and he reminds Alex that he shouldn’t look down on this physique before launching a swift attack on Alex and catching him off guard. Garnet asks if they have gathered to make his life simpler, and then he attacks them.

In the fourteenth chapter of “Obsidian Bride,” the Emperor discusses the relationship between Pearl, Garnet, and the Empress.

He perceives a strong connection in Pearl and Garnet, implying that they may develop a romantic relationship.

The Emperor acknowledges their similarity and is especially impressed by Garnet’s martial arts skills, which enhance Pearl’s opinion of him.

Alex and Platinum decide to work together to defeat Garnet, but they are continually rebuffed.

This unanticipated turn of events piques the Emperor’s interest as he considers the unfolding love story.

Furthermore, Garnet mentions their shared abilities in equestrian riding and polo, fueling rumors that Pearl and Garnet have become closer.

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