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NY prosecutor presents Weinstein as a 'predatory monster'

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New York, USA.- The New York State Prosecutor's Office presented the film producer Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday as a "predatory monster" at the oral opening of the trial for five sexual crimes against him, arguing that he manipulated six women to force them into incidents Over two decades.

For about two hours, assistant prosecutor Meghan Hast presented the stories of the two complainants on which the case is based, production assistant Mimi Haleyi and an aspiring actress whose name was not known and who is Jessica Mann, as well as those of four other women, including the interpreter Anabella Sciorra, who will be called as witnesses with a psychiatrist.

Without omitting details of the meetings, Hast said that Weinstein followed a pattern of behavior in which he "tested" the young women to take advantage of them and, referring to the "consent" alleged by the producer, recalled that when this occurs, "It is not necessary to cheat" to have sex.

The day of opening arguments at the trial, in which Weinstein faces a possible life sentence, generated such expectation that there were means queuing since 04.30 in the morning and in the front row the prestigious lawyer Gloria Allred was seen, who Defend Haleyi and Sciorra, and the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

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Weinstein, 67, arrived in the courtroom in advance and without his usual walker, limping and with a visible difficulty in maintaining his balance to the point that he momentarily grabbed the lawyer before him.

The producer remained silent and crestfallen while Hast asked the 12 jurors and the three alternates to listen to the witnesses, whose photographs were projected on screen, "with an open mind" when recounting "the reality of how the victims act after a sexual assault. "

The prosecutor referred to the continued relationship of some of the alleged victims with Weinstein through messages or mails, as on Tuesday he announced the defense he would expose and occurs in the case of Jessica Mann, and alleged that "they were being deceived with the false promise of professional help "and they felt" trapped ".

The day began with a private meeting between the parties and Judge James Burke that lasted half an hour, after what the jurors entered, who were ordered to follow the rules, and will continue this Wednesday with the presentation of lawyers' arguments from the producer and possibly the testimony of one of the witnesses.


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