“No one would have played Oberyn better than Pedro Pascal”

Over the course of the various seasons of Game of Thrones violence has never failed but, if we had to choose the death that more than any other has marked us, we could not help but think of the eighth episode of the fourth season when the Oberyn Martell skull was literally smashed by the fury of Sir. Gregor Clegan.

The Red Viper of Dorne was masterfully played by Pedro Pascal who, thanks to this role so loved by the public, was able to take part in subsequent highly successful productions including Narcos and especially The Mandalorian. According to Benioff, no one else would have been able to match this incredible actor who auditioned very outside the box.

Sarah Paulson shot me a video of her made from the Iphone, which is very special indeed. It was shit, shot vertically. The quality was nasty. But the performance was exceptional, unique and intense. He was playing that man, not a character. It was fucking fascinating. “

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The showrunner then added: “After watching the whole season there was no doubt that Pedro would become a star. Frankly, I thought he deserved more accolades. He would certainly have deserved some awards. He entered the race and conquered everyone. We were looking for someone who had charisma and depth, who could attract both men and women. Someone with some sensitivity. Oberyn carries a lot of anger within him. Dan and I are thrilled to have given Pedro a chance which helped him concretely in his ascent, because he is a real jewel both as an actor and as a man “.

With the release of Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, we learned a lot of background on the series inspired by George RR Martin’s books. For example, it was revealed that the showrunners put a lot of pressure on Jason Momoa for the nude scenes.


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