No Good Deed Season 1 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

No Good Deed Season 1 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

No Good Deed is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated new comedy series of the year. This upcoming Netflix original from creator Liz Feldman (Dead to Me) promises a delightfully twisted tale of three families vying for their dream home, only to find that the house may be more of a nightmare than they bargained for.

With an incredibly talented ensemble cast and Feldman’s proven knack for blending humor and darkness, No Good Deed has all the makings of a hit. The premise alone is rife with comedic potential, as the show will likely explore the lengths people will go to secure the perfect living situation, as well as the all-too-relatable realities of home ownership gone awry.

No Good Deed Season 1 Release Date:

Netflix has not yet announced an official release date for No Good Deed Season 1, but we can make some educated guesses based on the show’s production timeline. After locking in the main cast over the preceding months, principal photography began in February 2024.

Given that single-camera comedy series typically require 4-6 months of filming, it’s likely that No Good Deed will wrap principal photography sometime in mid-to-late 2024. Factoring in the necessary time for post-production, a release window of early-to-mid 2025 seems most realistic for the 8-episode first season to debut on Netflix.

Of course, the streaming giant is known for its inconsistent release cadence, so it’s certainly possible No Good Deed could arrive sooner or later than expected. But barring any major delays, 2025 feels like a safe bet for when audiences will finally get to see this twisted new comedy unfold.

No Good Deed Series Storyline Overview:

At its core, No Good Deed is a satirical examination of the insane lengths people will go to in pursuit of their desired lifestyle, particularly when it comes to home ownership. The series centers on three wildly different families who all have their hearts (and bank accounts) set on purchasing the same grand 1920s Spanish villa in Los Angeles.

Each family is convinced that this house holds the key to solving all of their problems, be they financial, familial, or existential. Little do they know, however, that the villa may be hiding sinister secrets, with unnatural forces lying in wait for its new inhabitants.

Ray Romano’s contractor character Paul hopes the house’s sale will allow him to retire, so the stakes are significant from the outset. No Good Deed seems poised to explore the harsh realities of modern domesticity in increasingly zany and unsettling ways as the families’ motivations and machinations slowly unravel.

No Good Deed Season 1: Expected Storyline:

Based on the series premise and Liz Feldman’s previous work, like Dead to Me, we can expect No Good Deed’s first season to deftly blend laughs with disturbing twists and turns. The initial episodes will likely introduce the three feuding families, establishing their vastly different backgrounds and personalities through farcical home-show scenarios.

As the season progresses, the supernatural element will almost certainly rear its head, with the families’ obsession over the villa causing them to overlook—or willfully ignore—some very strange occurrences within the house’s walls. Tensions will mount as the families resort to increasingly unscrupulous tactics to one-up each other in their bids.

In true Liz Feldman fashion, No Good Deed’s freshman run will probably build to some shocking reveals and cliffhangers, leaving audiences both deeply unsettled and desperate for more. The blending of domestic comedy with legitimate horror and mystery elements could make this one of Netflix’s most deliciously twisted offerings in quite some time.

No Good Deed Series List of Cast Members:

  • Ray Romano as Paul Morgan
  • Lisa Kudrow as Lydia Morgan
  • Linda Cardellini as Margo Starling
  • Luke Wilson as JD Campbell
  • Teyonah Parris as Carla
  • Abbi Jacobson as Leslie Fisher
  • Poppy Liu as Sarah
  • Denis Leary as Mikey
  • O-T Fagbenle as Dennis

No Good Deed Season 1 List of Episodes:

As of now, Netflix has not released the titles or plot details for the eight episodes comprising No Good Deed’s first season. Typically, we don’t release information like episode counts and titles until closer to the premiere date. We will update this section as soon as we announce those specifics!

No Good Deed Series Creators Team:

Writer and producer Liz Feldman, whose previous Netflix comedy Dead to Me garnered significant critical acclaim over its three-season run, created No Good Deed. For this new series, Feldman is reteaming with some very familiar collaborators.

Will Ferrell and Jessica Elbaum are serving as executive producers for Gloria Sanchez Productions, their prolific production banner. They previously collaborated with Feldman on Dead to Me. Silver Tree, who has directed for shows like You and Shameless, is also an executive producer and will helm the No Good Deed pilot along with additional episodes.

Rounding out the creator and producer ranks are Christie Smith, Tracy Pakosta, and Andy Weil. With so much proven talent involved, both in front of and behind the camera, No Good Deed has a serious pedigree despite being Feldman’s first new series since her big Netflix breakout.

Where to Watch No Good Deed Season 1?

The Netflix platform will be the exclusive home for streaming No Good Deed Season 1 when it ultimately premieres in 2025 as a Netflix original series. With a valid streaming membership, the show will be available to all Netflix subscribers around the world.

Given the lack of output deals or secondary distribution partners for Netflix originals, No Good Deed will only be streaming comprehensively on Netflix. It won’t air on linear television. There are no announced plans for DVD, Blu-ray, or other home media physical releases, either.

For maximum horror and deadpan comedy immersion, Netflix’s crisp 4K streaming with Dolby Atmos audio will be the ideal way to experience Liz Feldman’s latest off-kilter vision when No Good Deed does materialize on the service next year.

No Good Deed Season 1 Trailer Release Date:

In keeping with Netflix’s typical marketing strategy, an official trailer for No Good Deed Season 1 will likely arrive approximately 1-2 months prior to the premiere date, whenever that may be in 2025. Within that window, the streamer almost always unveils lengthy trailers highlighting new and returning shows.

However, it’s certainly possible we could get a very brief teaser trailer for No Good Deed even sooner, perhaps by late 2024 or early 2025. These sizzle reel-style previews are increasingly common for whetting audiences’ appetites many months in advance.

As soon as Netflix opts to release either a full trailer or teaser for No Good Deed’s highly anticipated first season, this section will be updated with the latest trailer information and video embed. The marketing push should kick into high gear in the first half of 2025.

No Good Deed Season 1 Final Words:

After the runaway success of Dead to Me, all eyes are on Liz Feldman’s next act, No Good Deed. The delightfully demented new series already has an incredible foundation with its knockout cast and inspired premise of a haunted dream home driving families to madness.

If the first season can live up to its potential-packed logline and creative team’s pedigree, No Good Deed could very well be Netflix’s next big watercooler comedy hit. With any luck, it will continue Feldman’s brand of razor-sharp, unnerving humor that seeps unsettlingly into the darkest recesses of domestic life.

Anthological stories about a cursed home’s new inhabitants have been fertile ground for horror for decades. However, by filtering that well-trodden narrative through an acidic satire of real estate obsession and upward mobility, No Good Deed seems poised to put a fresh, deeply funny spin on frightening familiarity. Bring on the unexpected twists, awkward laughs, and real estate-based spookiness in 2025!

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