Ninja: a hacker has taken over the Twitter account of the Fortnite streamer

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, well-known content creator in the orbit of Fortnite now tied by an exclusive contract with Mixer, had a bad misadventure yesterday, February 22nd.

A hacker has managed to take over the Ninja Twitter account to then publish several messages with the intent of raking up followers for himself, bickering with Tfue – another well-known streamer linked to Epic Games' battle royale – and even becoming the protagonist of an extortion against Jessica Bleivins, wife, as well as partner in business, of Ninja. "Idiot. The hacker sent me a direct message saying 'We can solve it. Write to me.' You lasted five minutes!, wrote the girl after the incident.

Fortunately, the attack didn't last long: it seems it only took five minutes to regain control of your account. After deleting all the messages posted by the intruder, Ninja has published an ironic video message in which he makes fun of him, also suggesting that this is not the first time such a thing has happened. People known as Ninja, who we remember being the highest paid streamer in the world with as many as $ 19 million raised in 2019, often become the target of attackers. Fortunately, this time everything was resolved quickly and without serious repercussions.

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