Nevertheless Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

Nonetheless” was developed by Kim Ga-ram and Jung Won for a South Korean television network. The love story was inspired by the eponymous Naver webtoon. The plot centers on a young couple who are drawn to each other but are hesitant to pursue a romantic connection. Each of them has baggage from their past that makes them wary of really committing to the other. The series began on JTBC in South Korea in June 2021 and later made its way to Netflix.

Both the main cast and the supporting cast have received a lot of recognition for their roles. Many commented on how familiar the characters felt. The show’s refreshing qualities in exploring relationships from a different aspect than what K-drama fans are used to have attracted a large fanbase. However, the show’s pacing is too slow for some viewers. Now that the first season is over, you’re probably wondering if there will be a second. In any case, here is everything we know about a possible sequel!

Nevertheless Season 2 Renewal Status

At this time, it appears like neither Netflix nor JTBC is interested in giving the show a second season. The Korean drama has quickly become a fan favorite on the streaming service. The plot was unique, and many people like it for that reason. Its fate, however, is uncertain. JTBC’s move is significant despite Netflix’s ownership of the majority of K-dramas. When it comes to keeping K-dramas on air, ratings at home are crucial. The show’s success elsewhere and on Netflix didn’t translate to viewers in Korea, though.

The premiere episode was seen by 2.207% of all Americans, while subsequent episodes saw a steady fall in viewership. There was a decrease in ratings for the ninth episode, which gained only 0.8%. Therefore, the likelihood of it being renewed is low. The show also had a defined beginning, middle, and finish, which is indicative of how JTBC planned for it to function as a limited series. A second season of Nevertheless could happen if Netflix decides to bring the show back.

Nevertheless Season 1 Recap

Na-bi and Jae-eon are the main characters. Each one has its own unique characteristics. Na-bi is just a regular lady who wants to settle down with a nice guy. But because of what transpired in her past engagement, she now has little faith in committed partnerships.
Another is a guy named Jae, who seems to have a crush on every single girl he meets. When they finally do meet, what will happen? Seeing how their romance develops would be fascinating.

At the conclusion of the first season, it was revealed that Na-Bi and Jae had ended their relationship. However, it appears that they have no interest in doing so. They did it anyway. An accident occurred at Na-bi’s sculpture display, and one of her pieces was damaged. She redrew her sculpture with the help of Jae and Do-hook. She had Jae pledge to leave her as soon as he was ready to complete the sculpture before he would help her with it.

When Jae follows through on his word and leaves her, they are both devastated. Without Jae’s support, Na-Bi was unhappy with the sculpture display. Na-Bi had captured Do-hyeok’s heart. She rejects his proposal since she is fond of Jae. She was having a good time with her pals after seeing the exhibit. She went back to the exhibition hall because she missed Jae and found him there, admiring her sculpture. At last, she understood that Jae’s love for her was genuine. And she chose to give him another shot by dating him.

Nevertheless Season Cast

  • Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi, a student at Hongseo University’s Sculpture Department who has given up on love but still wants to go out on dates.
  • Song Kang as Park Jae-eon, a student at Hongseo University’s Sculpture Department who thinks relationships are a bother but likes to flirt.
  • Chae Jong-hyeop as Yang Do-hyeok, Na-bi’s childhood friend whose first love is her. He runs a popular cooking show on YouTube.
  • Lee Yul-eum as Yoon Seol-ah, Jae-eon’s middle school classmate and ex-girlfriend.
  • Yang Hye-ji as Oh Bit-na, Na-bi’s best friend.
  • Kim Min-gwi as Nam Gyu-hyun, Bit-na’s best friend.
  • Lee Ho-jung as Yoon Sol, Ji-wan’s best friend.
  • Yoon Seo-ah as Seo Ji-wan, Sol’s best friend.
  • Jung Jae-kwang as Ahn Kyung-joon, Jae-eon and Na-bi’s senior.
  • Han Eu-ddeum as Min-young, a teaching assistant of the Sculpture Department.
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Jung Sook-eun, Na-bi’s aunt who raised her as a daughter.
  • Seo Hye-won as Jang Se-young, Na-bi’s department junior.
  • Lee Seung-hyub as Joo Hyuk
  • Kim Moo-jun as Yoo Se-hoon
  • Yoo Ji-hyun as Yoon-ji
  • Son Bo-seung as Min-sang, a senior member of the social group of art students.
  • Seo Bum-june as Hwang Jin-soo
  • Lee Jung-ha as Kim Eun-han
  • Jin Ho-eun as Seo Ji-wan’s friend
  • Choi Sung-jae as Yoo Hyeon-woo, Na-bi’s ex-boyfriend.
  • Ha Do-kwon as the older brother of Jae-eon’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Go Won-hee as a woman at the bar
  • Seo Jeong-yeon as Jae-eon’s mother

Nevertheless Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

Webtoon’s original ending for the series was altered. Thus, the couple’s chemistry may be highlighted in the next second season. When they first met, they were seniors in high school. As a result, we’re going to get to know much more serious Jae-eon and Nabi as they grow up. In addition, they may decide to pursue distinct lines of work, which could result in a long-distance relationship characterized by increased introspection on both parties.

Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date

However, the first season premiered on Netflix on June 19, 2021, and it ran through August 21, 2021. The episodes debuted on JTBC the day before their arrival on the service. There are ten episodes totaling between 62 and 75 minutes in the first season. Here is how things stand for Season 2 of the show: Whether or if the series will be renewed for a second season has not yet been announced. Season 2 of “Nevertheless” could premiere in the second or third quarter of 2024 if the show is renewed by then.

Nevertheless Season 2 Trailer

A teaser for Season 2 has not yet been released because production has not been given the go-ahead as of yet.

Nevertheless Season 2 Trailer Episodes

It’s possible that Season 2 will also have 10 episodes if the creators stick to their usual format. There has been no formal word on this, though.

Where can I watch Nevertheless?

You may watch it on Netflix.

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