Netflix’s “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 1: Premiere Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

As you all know, History Channel did announce that Season 6 will be the end of the Viking series. But a new spin-off series, Vikings: Valhalla will be the reason behind all the fans’ happiness.

The brand new spin-off will be available all around the world at some point in 2021. It is sure that all the fans of the popular series, Vikings are waiting to know more about the upcoming spin-off series.

We know that you all will be curious to know each and every detail about the series. So here we are, with all the latest updates and information about Vikings: Valhalla. In this article, you are going to know about everything we know so far about Vikings: Valhalla. Not only our readers will get to know the Netflix release date but also the cast and story plot of the new spin-off series.

Vikings: Valhalla is an upcoming Netflix Historical Original-Drama series that Michael Hirst did create beautifully. It is a new spin-off of the History Channel’s popular and well-known series, Vikings.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 1

As you all may know, Vikings did manage to get a huge number of viewers and fans. Yes, there is a large number of fans who are residing in almost every corner of the world. It will be possible for you to find fans and series lovers posting over their social media platforms about how much they are excited about the upcoming spin-off series.

It is sure that the upcoming series will gain the same popularity and fame as the original Vikings series. There are so many fans and viewers who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming series.

Also, all the Vikings series viewers will be familiar with the storyline. So they will be more excited and interested to watch Vikings: Valhalla. You all must know that the Vikings: Valhalla series is what MGM Productions are producing. That seems just like the predecessors of the franchise series.

Michael Hirst, the series creator of Vikings: Valhalla did manage to share his thoughts. He presents his views about whether the upcoming spin-off will meet Vikings in scope and scale. Also, you can have a look at how the world is going to change in the prequel series. Here’s what Hirst mentions presenting his thoughts.

“It couldn’t be on a greater scale than the final episodes of my Vikings. Because of the armies and the big battles we had… You really can’t get much bigger than that, actually. But what can I say? It is being made in the same places, a lot of it. We go back to Kattegat. That, of course, is the spiritual home of the Vikings. But it’s a changed Kattegat. It’s established”.

“It’s one of the biggest ports really, trading ports in Europe. So it’s grown in size and significance. The King of England has become a Viking. The Vikings have overrun most of England and they own Normandy.”

Jeb Stuart will be an important part of the series, Vikings: Valhalla. He will be the one to serve the series by writing it. Stuart is well-known for his amazing work in various popular movies.

Such as The Fugitive (1993), Die Hard (1988), and many others. But he happens to be working on the new movie, The Liberator for Netflix. All of you will be happy as well as excited to know that your favorite series will return with a spin-off series.

Let us now move forward in the article to know more about the Netflix premiere date, cast, and what you can expect from Vikings: Valhalla.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 Release Date

Vikings: Valhalla is what all the fans, as well as series lovers, have been looking for over the internet these days. It is sure that all of you have been waiting with bated breath to know about the release date of the upcoming series. But unfortunately, there has not been any official release dates for Vikings: Valhalla yet.

We are sure that all the fans and viewers will be a little bit sad to know it. But it is uncertain and unknown to everyone. No director or series creator of Vikings: Valhalla did spill when the series will be coming on Netflix. That is why the only thing that we all can do right now is wait for the Vikings: Valhalla series to give some release updates.

Earlier, the official announcement for the Vikings: Valhalla spin-off series did happen in November 2019. But still, Netflix is not likely to confirm when the fans can watch the new series. It will just like the popular Netflix series, The Witcher that did get its confirmation in May 2017.

But it did premiere only after two and a half years, Netflix did announce the premiere dates. Also, the premiere date for The Witcher series was only known less than two months before the actual premiere.

From what it looks like, the Vikings: Valhalla series will not be announcing the premiere date anytime sooner. Also, there is another factor that the series creators will have to consider before completing the production of Vikings: Valhalla. That is the sixth season of Vikings.

Yes, it will be essential for the Viking Season 6 to air completely. Now that the sixth part of Vikings did premiere, it will be possible for the creators to have their full focus on Vikings: Valhalla. But it is sure that the fans and viewers will have to wait for some more months to hear about premiere dates.

Remember, we are going to update you all as soon as we will know about the official release date of Vikings: Valhalla. As of now, you all can expect the Vikings: Valhalla series to get a 2021 premiere date.

Vikings: Valhalla – Story Plot

When you are going to watch the Vikings series, you all will surely understand it. The story plot of the series will keep on getting interesting and exciting. Yes, all the viewers know that each episode will be thrilling than the previous one.

The same goes for each and every season of the series franchise. One thing is sure and that is the upcoming spin-off series will be among the most thrilling and exciting series to stream on Netflix.

Vikings: Valhalla is set over 100 years after all the events and incidents that did take place in the Vikings series. You will witness that the story is heading closer to the end of the Viking age. It is as the end draws closer while the Kingdom of England stands strong. That too against its Scandanavian raiders.

You will also see that the three lords will be trying their best to claim the English throne. But that will happen after the death of King Edward the Confessor. It will be more likely to change the future of England and the world forever.

In a recent interview, Michael Hirst did manage to mention how Vikings: Valhalla will be connected somehow to the original Vikings series. He also confirms that the viewers will be looking at some of the familiar locations in the upcoming spin-off series. Here is what Hirst talks about in the interview.

“What Jeb [Stuart] does actually is he pays attention to the mythology of the Vikings. So whenever they meet in the great hall in Kattegat, and of course they talk about the great eras who used to sit in the same hall at the same table, and they were Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, and Bjorn Ironside, and Ivar the Boneless, who are now mythic characters even within the show, even within Vikings: Valhalla.”

He continues, “That’s a really great connection and effect. It gives ready-made histories to the new show. So you don’t need to know who Ragnar is to watch the new show. But it enriches the show and it hopefully will make people go back and find out, ‘Well who are these people they keep talking about? Was Ragnar so great? Why are these people mythic characters?’ So everything connects in a useful, and interesting, and fascinating way.”

Who Are The Main Characters In Vikings: Valhalla?

As you all know, the main reason for any series to be popular is the cast members and characters. The more intense and heart-warming characters are the more popular the series will be. It is sure that the popularity and viewership of the series will not depend on the story alone but the characters are very important.

The main historical figures that you will surely be going to witness in the upcoming series are; Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdottir, Harald Hardrada, and William The Conqueror. All the characters that are going to be included in the series will be interesting as well as exciting. While there will be some more characters that you will be witnessing in the Vikings: Valhalla series.

You all must know that Michael Hirst did mention Erik the Red in a recent interview with Collider. It is sure that Eric is going to be an amazing character that will rule over the hearts of many viewers. Eric, as you should know is the father of Leif and Freydis. But that is not a guess as you can see the last names of the two characters.

We are sure that all the fans and viewers are going to be curious to know about the characters. So we are going to unveil some of the characters and their description here. Let us have a glance at some of the characters that are going to be your favorite ones after watching Vikings: Valhalla.

Leif Eriksson (Vidar Skardesson)

The official casting description for Vidar or Leif Eriksson is out now. The character happens to be born in Iceland while he was raised in Greenland. You all must know that Vidar belongs to the new breed of Viking.

His breed is not nearby the Norse Mythology or has no knowledge of raiding. But that does not mean that Vidar is not a Viking, he definitely is. Vidar is a furious warrior and a cheerful adventurer who feels strange lands fascinating. Vidar has never been afraid of the dangerous seas but he knows how to respect his family.

There are some signs of family issues when we are talking about his egoistic father (Skarde). Odin and The Old Ways are what Vidar and his sister Signe believes in from childhood. But unlike his sister, Vidar happens to be keeping an open mind to adapt to new thoughts and traditions.

Freydis Eriksdottir (Signe Skardesdottir)

Signe happens to be a fiery half-sister of Vidar Skardesson. She is a sexually liberated and fiercely pagan shield-maiden and has a more volatile nature. Signes gets her volatile nature from her father. She was the result of a Christian Viking’s horrific rape which makes her character somewhat anti-Christian.

As the series moves forward, the viewers will witness Signe become the main leader of the last Viking pagan. The last Viking pagan will be holding out against the Christianity increasing in Scandinavia. She happens to be choosing a strong and furious female Mentor (Kattegat, The Jarl) to train with.

The Last Holdouts will be defending the holy Viking city from Christian Vikings. Despite the personal quest for everything going on, Signe moves closer to a Christian Viking named Torsen only to be in a romantic relationship. The character seems quite interesting and exciting that viewers are going to fall in love with.

Torsen (Christian Viking)

As you all know, Vidar is strong, furious, and rough around the edges. But Torsen has an opposite nature than Vidar. Torsen is not only smoother and polished but also a remarkable warrior. He belongs to the Viking Royal Stock who is close to the Norse Power. Torsen is an active and important part of a retribution force of King Kaden and his chief lieutenants.

The relationship of Torsen and Vidar will keep on increasing in Battlefields as season 1 will move forward to its end. Also, Torsen manages to have a romantic relationship with Signe, Vidar’s Half-Sister.

Have The Cast Members Been Confirmed?

Although the cast members for the Vikings: Valhalla series is not officially confirmed, there are some characters that we are sure about. In no circumstances, series lovers are going to skip this part.

Because all the fans and viewers are curious to know which characters will be entertaining them in the upcoming spin-off series, Vikings: Valhalla. Every series lover will be more likely to find several reasons to believe that the main characters from the original Vikings series will be returning in the upcoming series.

The actors that we are going to mention will either be acting as the main characters or recurring ones. In the upcoming Vikings Spin-Off, you all may witness the Danish actor. Yes, you may have figured it out by now that we are talking about Kenneth Christensen. He happens to be a talented actor from The Last Kingdom.

While another interesting Icelandic actor is Johannes Haukur Johannesson from Game of Thrones. Both of these actors have been reportedly spotted in Ireland for the past few months.

It has only been quite some time since Kenneth Christensen did a post on his Instagram handle. He did post a snap with Johannes Johannesson. From what we know so far, it seems like both of the actors will be playing the leading characters in Vikings: Valhalla. The upcoming spin-off series will surely be going to be much more interesting with these two amazing actors.

Frida Gustavsson, as you all know from The Witcher series will be all set to appear in Vikings: Valhalla. Another talented actor who may join the cast members of the series is David Oakes from Victoria.

There are some snaps in which you can see Frida celebrating the wrapping up of the Vikings: Valhalla series. She was seen on an IG post with Alfrun Laufeyjardottir. From the pics, we can say that the Icelandic actress may also be on the Vikings: Valhalla series.

From what it looks like, we can predict that Frida Gustavsson Kenneth Christensen and Johannes Johannesson will be appearing as Vikings. While it will be possible that David Oakes will be playing some English character. But nothing is guaranteed here as these names are reportedly predicted.

However, you can also see some other characters in the upcoming series. The cast list will include German actress Yvonne Mai who will play the character role of Merin. While Bill Murphy will appear as Odgar in the first season of Vikings: Valhalla.

From the sources, we know that Ethan Dillon will also be joining the cast members. But it is uncertain currently to know which character role Ethan will be playing. There are more chances for Bosco Hogan and Alan Devine to play the characters of Athelred and Ealdorman of Kent.

While Gavin O’Connor will portray the role of Ealdorman of East Anglia. Last but not the least, you all will witness Jack Mullarkey who will be appearing as Toke in the series.

No matter which actors are going to appear in Vikings: Valhalla, you will find the series exciting and thrilling. We know that all of you will be eagerly waiting for the series to premiere on Netflix. So we are going to update you as soon as we will get the latest updates.

Episode Count For Vikings: Valhalla 

Series lovers and fans will be happy to know that the streamer did confirm the episode count for Vikings: Valhalla. There will be a total of 24 entertaining and thrilling episodes for the upcoming series. That is surely a large number of episodes that Netflix is offering to entertain viewers.

The original Vikings series franchise is making sure to split the season in half when premiering it. So we can expect that Vikings: Valhalla will be doing the same. The first season of the upcoming spin-off may have 12 episodes.

The series lovers will have to wait after the half-season will premiere on the streaming giant. It is sure that the first season of Vikings: Valhalla will be going to bring a lot of exciting and thrilling moments.

The Vikings: Valhalla Series Production Updates

Earlier this year, we all did receive the updates that the pre-production for Vikings: Valhalla did begin. But unfortunately, the pre-production of the series has to come to a halt. That is, of course, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It was not possible for all the cast and crew members to continue filming for Vikings: Valhalla amid the global pandemic. It was in July 2020 that we did receive the word about Vikings: Valhalla pre-production resumes. As of now, we can confirm that Ashford Studios is continuing the filming for Vikings: Valhalla in Ireland.

It is still, uncertain and unknown to us how long the filming and post-production will take. So we will just have to wait for some more months to know when the upcoming spin-off series will wrap up its filming. Also, we now know that Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 is currently in development.

If we look at how short gaps the series franchise schedules between each and every season. Then we can predict that the filming for Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 will begin in Q2 of 2021. So that will directly mean that the second season may release in late 2022 or early 2023. That is only if everything will get back to normal and stay as it is.

Back in September 2020, there were some pictures from the sets of Vikings: Valhalla. You may have seen them circulating all over social media platforms. We can clearly see that the pictures are from Kattegat. Currently, all the fans waiting for Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 is wishing for the production to wrap up as soon as possible.

Vikings: Valhalla Official Trailer Update

It is somewhat sad and not surprising to know that series lovers and fans are a long way off from watching the official trailer of Vikings: Valhalla. As you know, the production is yet to complete for the upcoming series. That is the reason why we all will have to wait for quite some time to watch the official trailer or teaser about the first season.

We think that the official trailer for Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 may release after two months of wrapping up the series production. But when the trailer of Vikings: Valhalla will premiere, it will let you all see some glimpses of what is waiting for you. The Vikings: Valhalla series will surely be an amazing and interesting series. So it will not be a series to miss out on.

As soon as the official trailer for Vikings: Valhalla will be out, you all will be the first to watch it. Until then, Stay Tuned For More.

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