Netflix Unveiled 13 Reason Why Season 3 Trailer

Netflix Unveiled 13 Reason Why Season 3 Trailer

On Thursday Netflix is flies with 13 Reasons Why Season 3 trailer. With trailer launch, they confirm that 13 Reasons Why will end after successive season. In short, Season 4 will become the last season for the 13 Reasons Why series.

After 1 Minute and 37 Seconds of Trailer that confirm with the reporter to it will second last season of the Netflix. 13 Reasons why will premiere on August 23. Netflix also confirmed that Season 4 Production is also undergoing. And after season 3 they are about release with short time span. But, with it, they have not the open mouth about the Season 4 premiere date, and trailer launch and anything about the episode count.

The base of 13 Reason Why

Basically, 13 Reason Why is based on the book which is written by Jay Asher. As the same name of the book, it will be adopted as a series. This teenage dark drama is already completed its two seasons. In Season 1 it is based on the suicide of the teenage girl Katherine Langford, which plays the role of Hannah Baker. She is died because of some reason and then she leaves 13 audio recordings in the cassette which is taped. In this recording, she reveals the Why of her killing.

Season 2 is a connection with the aftermath of the Hannah Baker’s Death, Now other characters will introduce in the next season 3. According to reports, Katherine Langford will not feature in season 3. Death of the Katherine according to maker it was cited by the graphic suicide editing, and then it stated that it was “advice of medical experts”

Rest of the cast of 13 Reason Why is  Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Christian Navarro, Justin Prentice, Ross Butler, Devin Druid, Miles Heizer, Anne Winters, Aijona Alexus, Sosie Bacon.

Fans already know Justin Prentice who plays the role of the Walker. He is the popular High school senior who raped Hannah Baker. She is the main character of the 13 Reasons Why. So, Mystery o the Baker’s Death is still continued after the first season. And Trailer starts with the Female Narrator. It confirms that she is not Hannah Baker.

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