Netflix reunites Carey Mulligan with Adam Sandler in ‘Spaceman’, the new film from the director of ‘Chernobyl’

Carey Mulligan She is once again one of the stars of the moment thanks to her role in ‘A promising young woman’, for which she opts for the Oscar for best leading actress (she was previously nominated for ‘An Education’). It is therefore a luxury signing for ‘Spaceman’, an interesting project that will star Adam Sandler.

An adaptation of ‘The Bohemian Astronaut’

As we already discussed, the film will be based on the novel ‘The Bohemian Astronaut’ (‘The Spaceman of Bohemia’) de Jaroslav Kalfar, about an astronaut (Sandler) who is on a mission to collect a mysterious ancient dust on the edge of the galaxy. When he discovers that his earthly life is crumbling, he goes to the only voice that can help you rebuild it: a creature extraordinary lurking hidden in your ship …

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Carey Mulligan could bring the creature to life but … no, it will the astronaut’s wife. And while ‘Spaceman’ is not a comedy, it is classified as drama and adventure, with Adam Sandler leading the cast we are likely to have a good laugh.

It should be noted that the staging will be the responsibility of Johan Renck, awarded with the Emmy for the direction of ‘Chernobyl’. Renck made his film directorial debut in 2008 with the thriller “Downloading Nancy.” The ‘Spaceman’ project has written it Colby Day and, curiously, it has Channing Tatum among producers. Perhaps he is the one who ends up playing the creature …

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