Netflix Ozark Season 3 – What Fans Expect

Netflix Ozark Season 3 – What Fans Expect:

Ozark will run a couple of seasons! However, where is the action heading to next? Interesting question but take note there are spoilers ahead!

Ozark Season 3
Ozark Season 3

What is the future of the famous Byrde family? Believe us; this is a question on all Ozark fans minds. Season 2 left us with Wendy and Marty getting their hands dirty as you have never seen it before.

Furthermore, the downward spiral seems to be continuing, if Jason Bateman (director) has anything to do with it.

Ozark Season 3 Netflix

Jason Bateman said on Twitter that the tenth episode is expected to air later this year. Production was set to start in May and fans may expect to see the new series in the year. 

The fantastic news is that there will be a newcomer to the series Madison Thompson from NCIS New Orleans. She plays the role of Erin, a headstrong teenage daughter of Helen’s (Janet MacTeer.)

So when is season three Ozark returning and who is the cast?  

She gets dragged along to the Ozark family for mother-daughter bonding. Furthermore, you will see some Marvel start joining the show as well as Jessica Frances Dukes and Tom Pelphrey from Iron Fist with Jessica Jones. 

Recurring roles are Felix Solis and Joseph Sikora while Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) and Lisa Emery (Darlene Snell) is bumped as regulars as well. Most importantly, the whole Byrde family returns with Laura Linney and Jason Bateman. 

What will season three entail?

The Hollywood Reporter announced in August that Chris Mundy said, “In the new series fans will see Ruth Langmore try her best to worm herself close to the Byrde family. Further, we can expect to see Marty descend into darkness.”

Fans will also see Ruth becoming self-confident and grateful that Marty believes in her by giving her responsibilities. 

In season three we will see that Ruth wants to become more part of the family; however, she starts wondering if it is such a great thing as she gets deeper into the enterprise. 

As for the money-laundering, Jason Bateman Marty is traveling on a slippery road but not there yet. The show will start with Wendy and Marty Byrde struggling with power and dealing with the outside force. 

You can also expect Wendy’s broth added to cast and causing a stir. The primary focus will be on the giant casino boat opened by Marty for laundering money for the Mexican drug cartel.

Further, there are loads of loose ends that need tying as bloodshed across season two. Another impressive part you can look forward too is the murder of Pastor Mason Young by Marty that he will not be able to distance himself.

The biggest surprise is seeing Wendy become involved in the money laundering of Marty.

Catch up with Ozark

So if you want to catch up with the story of Ozark you can stream it at Netflix to see season one and two. While season three will be on Netflix later in the year you can expect two more seasons to come making it five in total.

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