Netflix: Cobra Kai would have these credits if it were an anime

Given the drama and action that occurs in the series it should come as no surprise that Netflix decided to reimagine the credits of Cobra Kai if the show was adapted to a anime surprising the fans of this who are looking forward to the fourth season.

The texts in Japanese could not be missing in this funny version of the Cobra Kai credits if it were an anime according to Netflix.

This version anime from Netflix It has been published in a great video on the platform’s official YouTube account and although it unfortunately does not show the animated characters, it does have an edition worthy of any Japanese series.

Composite shots, speed and impact effect and the inevitable Japanese text complement selected scenes from Cobra Kai reminding us how much of the series resembles a real anime.

Fans have reacted to this fun proposal of Netflix ensuring that when selecting view Cobra Kai in Japanese these are the credits that should appear at the beginning of each episode.

Cobra Kai: Everything We Know About Season Four

As we have reported, the fourth season of the successful sequel to the Karate Kid franchise is currently being filmed and these recordings are expected to end on April 15th.

So far it is known that the first episode will be titled ‘Let’s Begin’ and that the new season of the show on the streaming platform will feature the appearance of actor Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver, the villain of Karate Kid III and founder of Cobra Kai.

Regarding the release date of the expected fourth season of Cobra Kai as released by Netflix Officially, it will be available between December of this year and January 2022.

Thus, fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story of their favorite characters in season four. What did you think of the version anime from the intro of Cobra Kai made by Netflix? Let us know in the comments. In The Truth News We will closely follow this popular series to bring you the latest.

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