NCIS: Sydney Episode 4 Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

Even though it seemed like TV viewers wouldn’t be receiving any new NCIS episodes this autumn, the arrival of NCIS: Sydney proves that the series can’t be stopped. In addition to the flagship series NCIS, which is now airing on Hawai’i, and the prior NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles, the newest offshoot of the long-running crime investigative franchise, NCIS: Sydney, is the first edition of the series to be set worldwide.

The fact that NCIS: Sydney is now running on CBS as part of the network’s fall TV lineup despite the writers’ and performers’ strikes over new labor contracts is another unusual aspect of the show. Originally, it was a Paramount Plus original series. All the information you want on NCIS: Sydney is provided here.

NCIS: Sydney Episode 4 Release Date

For American viewers, the fourth episode of NCIS: Sydney will air at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on Tuesday, December 5th. If you’re viewing NCIS: Sydney on Paramount or CBS catch-up, you should be able to get subtitles. Following the pattern of the previous episodes, Episode 2 will likely run for about 45 minutes.

About NCIS: Sydney

“NCIS Sydney” franchise An elite team of agents dedicated to uncovering the truth about crimes involving the navy, including as assassinations, terrorist plots, and worldwide information collecting, are featured in the “NCISNCISney” series. Viewers will be captivated from the first to the last episode of season 1 since each one takes them on an exciting adventure.

A multinational force of intervention was formed to halt the crimes carried out by naval vessels in one of the most controversial ocean zones in the globe. Members of the American National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) were part of this remarkable and diverse group. Tensions in international relations were rising in the Indo-Pacific. CBS Studios presents NCIS: Sydney as a local and international co-production.

Even NCIS was a spin-off. This show is a component of JAG. Criminal cases involving members of the armed forces were the subject of the JAG series. To clarify, JAG (1995–2005) is the parent program from which NCIS: Special Investigations (from 2003) has spun out. Author Donald Bellisario is responsible for the series. National Security Agency: Los Angeles (2009–2023) is a spin-off series that has been airing since the year 2000.

NCIS: Sydney Cast

  • Olivia Swann as Michelle Mackey
  • Todd Lasance as Jim “JD” Dempsey
  • Sean Sagar as DeShawn Jackson
  • Tuuli Narkle as Constable Evie Cooper
  • Mavournee Hazel as Bluebird “Blue” Gleeson
  • William McInnes as Roy “Rosie” Penrose

NCIS: Sydney Episodes Recap

  • NCIS: Sydney: Episode 1 – “Gone Fission”

Episode 1 of NCIS: Sydney “Gone Fission” “The death of a United States seaman on a U.S. nuclear submarine during an AUKUS ceremony on Sydney Harbour is under inquiry in a joint operation between America’s NCIS agents afloat and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).”

  • NCIS: Sydney: Episode 2 – “Snakes in the Grass”

A naval compliance officer’s body was discovered in a waterhole, and the team is now examining the bite of the world’s most poisonous snake. The officer was found in an area where inland taipan snakes are scarce.

  • NCIS: Sydney: Episode 3 – “Brothers in Arms”

“When a shark spits out an arm wearing US Navy machinery, the team’s inquiry examines the loyalty of a band of former Navy divers.”

NCIS: Sydney Episodes

We have 8 episodes of NCIS: Sydney. Here is the list of episodes:

  • Episode 01: “Gone Fission”
  • Episode 02: “Snakes in the Grass”
  • Episode 03: “Brothers in Arms”
  • Episode 04: “Ghosted”
  • Episode 05: “Doggiecino Day Afternoon”
  • Episode 06: TBA
  • Episode 07: TBA
  • Episode 08: TBA

NCIS: Sydney Trailer

NCIS: Sydney’s first teaser, which clocks in at than two minutes, has been unveiled by CBS. Obviously, to show that the franchise is growing, the opening section of the teaser includes scenes from both NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i.

The tension between the two agencies is front and center in the NCIS: Sydney teaser. The two team captains, Michelle Mackey and JD Demsey, are at the center of this conflict.

The first one says the cases are “my investigation,” while the second one says they’re in “his harbor.” The teaser suggests that the task force will have some growing pains in the first season as they learn to collaborate and divide up the investigating responsibilities. The outcome is that the NCIS franchise will get a fresh facelift with NCIS: Sydney.

Where to watch NCIS: Sydney?

Both the CBS network and internet streaming services make NCIS accessible to viewers. This is a CBS original series, and viewers in the United States may watch it online with CBS All Access. With “limited” advertisements, it’s $5.99/month. If you want to remove ads, the price might go up to $9.99. It will premiere on Paramount+ in Australia, where it will be available soon.

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