Naughty Babe Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Naughty Babe Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Soon, Episode 2 of Naughty Babe will be available. This series was inspired by the short story “Naughty Babe” by BamBam. A company as well romantic drama, Naughty Babe Drama is comprised of both elements.

Rich businessman Thacha Wongtheerawit is betrothed to Phayak Chatdecha Chen, the daughter in a rival company, in a mutually beneficial economic arrangement. Hia Yi, an artist and liberated spirit, has won Thacha’s heart.

The day of the engagement celebration, Hia Yi does not attend. Thacha is desolate, degraded, and heartbroken. Despite relocating to Hia Yi’s residence, he remains alone.

As the bridal ceremony approaches, Thacha must manage everything on his own. He is gradually losing faith.

Thacha determines to abandon her despair and travel to Switzerland one day. He has no idea that Yi is chasing him.

Hia Yi experiences memory loss following a car accident. He declares that Thacha, upon awakening, is the one who does not wish to be married.

Thacha is more than ever perplexed. Nonetheless, he is determined to discover the truth and win Hia Yi’s affection. Here is the link to the complete episode schedule and streaming instructions.

In September, Domundi will release the long-awaited MaxNat BL, in response to our numerous requests.

The quantity of YouTube views for the show’s trailer demonstrates the show’s popularity. Naughty Babe continues the storyline of Cutie Pie’s Hia Yi along with Nong Diao.

As their nuptials approaches, Nong Diao wonders if he genuinely adores him or if he is simply fulfilling a promise to their respective families.

The uncertainty and isolation drive him to Switzerland. However, Hia Yi is involved in an accident and awakens without any recollection of their separation.

The second episode of Naughty Babe will be released next week, as well as fans anticipate that it will feature an intriguing plot development.

Fans’ go-to binge-watches are Thai dramas, particularly those within the Boys Love genre, which has seen a significant rise in popularity.

These dramas, however, release one to two episodes per week. Fans are now awaiting the release of The Naughty Babe Episode 2.

Naughty Babe Season 2 Release date

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 3.30 p.m. GMT and 10.30 p.m. IST, the second episode of Naughty Babe will be disseminated to a global audience.

once the episode is broadcast on Thai TV via One31, it will be made available on the streaming service one hour later. Be sure to turn in on time to witness the most recent episode of Naughty Babe.

Naughty Babe Season 2 Cast

  • NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong as Kirin
  • Zee Pruk Panich as Lian Kilen Wang
  • Est Supra Sanga Worawong as On
  • Jab Penpetch Benyakul as Makorn Chen
  • Bie Teerapong Leowrakwong as Sattha
  • Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa as Sinsamoe
  • Tutor Koraphat Lamnoi as Nuea
  • Mae Methakarn Anektanasuwan as Tam
  • Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti as Foei
  • Bosszo Thawatchanin Darayon as Chen
  • Chun Pachchun Hiranprateep as Chun
  • Fung Tussaporn Pattanapasai as An An

Naughty Babe Season 2 Trailer

Naughty Babe Season 2 Plot

With males’ love as the main genre alongside romance and comedy, Naughty Babe, also called Due Hia Ko HaWa Song, serves as a Thai drama with Cutie Pie as its parent narrative.

The plot, adapted from the same-titled novel by Bam Bam, centers on the love-hate connection between “Khon Diao” Thacha Wongtheerawit and “Yi” Phayak Chatdecha Chen.

Khondiao and Yi became betrothed due to their shared business acumen. One might assume they are deeply in love as well as their love story is going to have a joyful ending.

On their wedding day, Yi left Khondai by herself and failed to show up later. Later, Khondai transfers into Yi’s apartment to prevent him from feeling lonely.

But as the big day approached, Khondai realized he was managing everything by himself. Even though his given name meant alone, he did not intend to do everything without you.

As the last day drew near, Khondai could no longer endure the solitude and decided to escape to Switzerland.

He was unaware that Hia Yi was going to retrieve him. Just as they were about to meet, Hia Yi was involved in a car accident.

When he awoke, his recent memories were gone, and he blamed Khondai for ruining their wedding.

At long last, the suspense is over! Domundi released the highly anticipated Naughty Babe in September.

The program’s trailer on YouTube has received over one million views within a matter of days, demonstrating the program’s significant online popularity.

Naughty Babe has become a continuation of the iconic TV series Cutie Pie. Naughty Babe is the story of wealthy heirs Hia Yi as well as Nong Diao, who are forced to marry by their families.

Hia Yi is portrayed as distant and indifferent in Cutie Pie, whereas Nong Diao is described as adorable and naive. As their relationship develops, they begin to fall in love.

The events for Cutie Pie continue within Naughty Babe as the nuptials of Hia Yi and Nong Diao nears.

In the first episode in Naughty Babe, we got introduced to the charismatic and entertaining Taekwondo father of the protagonist.

In addition to various comedic sequences, this episode was also quite emotive, as Khondai fled his marriage with a shattered heart.

The second episode of Nasty Babe should last approximately 50 minutes. It will continue to concentrate on the stories of Khondai and Hia Yi.

Episode 1 did not include much progression, but we hope that Episode 2 will pick up the tempo.

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