Naruto: Tsunade arrives in all her beauty with Mariza Scheid's cosplay

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In the world of anime and manga the phenomenon of cosplay has become consolidated, that is, dressing up as your favorite characters and interpreting them with moves, jokes and so on. The phenomenon has become so important that it has also created the category of professionals who are dedicated to replicating characters from Naruto and other worlds.

Obviously the passion for cosplay remains within reach of even simple fans who sometimes with a little work on clothes and with the purchase of some elements can become whoever they want. And the world of Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto it has many appreciable characters that are often replicated by fans around the world.

Today we offer you the Mariza Scheid cosplay who has decided to present his version of Tsunade. The busty Hokage who made Jiraiya turn her head several times is shown in the photo you can see below taken from the girl's Instagram account. Among the blonde hair the purple symbol of Byakugo stands out, capable of giving Tsunade unparalleled power thanks to the storage of the chakra, while the huge breasts that are almost put on display specifically cannot stand out, as has often happened also during the series of Naruto. For the rest it is the classic Tsunade cosplay, did you like it?

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Even Kaho Shibuya gave us a bursting Tsunade with a video while the grandfather Hashirama became the subject of a statuette with a cost of 350 euros.

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